Children, victims of the crisis in Kasai

victims of the crisis in Kasai

In August 2016, fighting broke out in one of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) poorest regions— Kasai—after a traditional leader was killed in clashes with security forces. The situation deteriorated in 2017, unleashing a wave of violence that has now engulfed nine of the country’s 26 provinces.

The crisis is having a devastating impact on children. Children are being forced to endure horrific ordeals such as death, injury, sexual abuse, arbitrary detention and recruitment into militias. Children cannot access health services due to the fighting and thousands have been denied education because their schools were destroyed, looted or robbed of teachers who had fled or been killed.

Kasai Crisis - Water TransportationKasai Crisis - Nutrition Kasai Crisis - Water TransportationKasai Crisis - Nutrition

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UNICEF’s urgent asks

  1. Stop the violence in the Kasai region so that children and families can regain access to basic services and that perpetrators of violence are brought to justice.
  2. Give full and unconditional humanitarian access to all conflict-affected areas in Kasai where children and their communities—displaced as well as host families—are in dire need of assistance for their survival.
  3. Immediately halt the use of children by the fighting parties.
  4. Immediately end attacks, looting and destruction of, health centers and schools and their staff.
  5. The international donor community needs to stand by the population of the Kasai region, in particular the children, and provide urgent and timely funding to humanitarian aid programmes.


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Yves Willemot

Yves Willemot est le chef de l’Équipe InfoCom de l’UNICEF RDC. Plus que tout, ce qui est important pour lui c'est d'être "tous ensemble pour les enfants".

Yves Willemot is Head of the UNICEF DRC InfoCom Team. More than anything, he believes that the most important is to "be together for the children".

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