A student club bring boys and girls to play together

Studen clud and gender equality in DRC

Words to solve problems (UNICEF DRC 2016 Dubourthoumieu)

PHOTO REPORTMambote Primary School’s student club, created last year with the goal of promoting equality between boys and girls, aimed towards togetherness, and bringing the students to raise awareness within their families and friends about gender questions.

A change of behavior both at school and at home

“The majority of school fights implicated boys against girls. Often times, boys would make fun of girls and thus it yielded disputes. Since they became more aware about mutual respect and were encouraged to participate in activities together, there are less fights.”

Find out more from photographer Gwenn Dubouthoumieu on Medium.

A club in favor of gender equality

More info about gender equality in DRC

Through the ‘’Men and women moving forward together ‘’ programme, UNICEF and the Ministry of Gender, Family and Children’s affairs, with funding from the European Union, wish to act on all types of gender based violence and their root causes.

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Gwenn Dubourthoumieu

Gwenn Dubourthoumieu s’est intéressé à la photographie alors qu’il travaillait en Afrique pour des ONG humanitaires. Professionnel depuis avril 2010, son travail est régulièrement récompensé. Il travaille régulièrement pour UNICEF RDC en tant que consultant photographique.

Gwenn Dubourthoumieu became interested in photography while working in Africa for humanitarian NGOs. Professional since 2010, his work is regularly rewarded.  He's a photography consultant for UNICEF DRC.

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