The Right to Participate in North Kivu

The right to participate - young children of Bunyakiri (South Kivu)

Young children of Bunyakiri (South Kivu)

The Right to Participate – Why do children need to be involved in decisions that concern or involve them?

Involving children in issues that concern them offers a better learning opportunity, reinforces their sense of responsibility and contributes to their development.

Anne-Thérèse Vilimumbalo, former Spokesperson of the Children’s parliament of North Kivu (2000/2001).

In North Kivu province, torn apart by years of armed conflict, the implementation of the child participation strategy has made a remarkable contribution to the emergence of a young citizen who is active and very committed in professional and community life. Most of these young people have been involved with community associations for young people such as the Children’s Parliament, Children’s Listening Clubs and Young Reporters. Now as adults, these young people are today sharing their experiences and commenting on the merits of child participation.

Discover their stories on an interactive platform by clicking here.

Photo credit: UNICEF DRC 2017 Jeannot Kassa

Translated from French by Daphne Wood

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