We Want Books, Not Husbands!

We Want Books, Not Husbands!

Today, we teenagers from Katanga province are committing to the battle against early marriage of young girls in Katanga and across the world.

This phenomenon not only presents a health risk to the young girl but also slows down her thinking powers and reduces her intellectual quotient.  Far too soon, these girls think of nothing but their husband and children.

Nowadays, everywhere we hear; everywhere we call out: “Equality! Equality!”, “Men and women should be on the same level”.  But do you think that will happen if, in certain places, young girls are married early and have no access to the school system, no idea about the part played by education and schooling in life?

How do you expect their children to succeed in school, while these girls are ignorant of the importance of education?

How do you expect us to move towards development while we, your future successors, face the same problem as you?

“To educate a girl is to educate a nation”, they say… but if these girls, these future women, are barely educated, what will they bring to our future society?

Let’s not forget that these girls, educated like all the others, will provide not only a benefit to the country, a model for the next generation, an elite for the Democratic Republic of Congo, but also a reservoir of knowledge able to respond to the needs of the population, without compromising the ability of future generations to respond to their needs.

We seek universal commitment so that the phenomenon of early marriage can be put to an end in Katanga province and everywhere in the world.

We want books, not husbands!

Since October 2013, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Delegation of the European Union , UNICEF and GIZ (German organization of international cooperation) started the implementation of “Women and men, let’s move forward together”, an innovative programme with a high political significance that aims at fighting gender-based violence through a holistic and sustainable approach. This approach consists in working on the root causes of gender-based violence, in order to obtain lasting results in the perception of the role and the position of women and men in the Congolese society.

Photo: UNICEF RDC/Diana Mrazikova/2014
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Bora a 14 ans et elle est enfant reporter à Lubumbashi. Plus tard elle veut être criminologue. Aujourd’hui elle s’attache à rassembler les enfants reporters de toutes les provinces pour que leur voix résonne jusqu’au bout du monde!

Bora is 14 years old and is a child reporter in Lubumbashi. In the future she would like to be a criminologist. Today, she is trying hard to bring together child reporters from all the provinces so that their voices will be heard in the far corners of the world!

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