Use your talents #ForEveryChild !

ForEveryChildLAST FEW DAYS TO VOTE – What is your dream for every child? For UNICEF’s 70th birthday, unleash your creativity for a decent future for children! UNICEF in the DRC is launching a big appeal for artistic contributions – join in #ForEveryChild!

What kind of future #ForEveryChild?

For its 70th birthday UNICEF is launching #TinyStories – a campaign which invites everyone, professional author or amateur, to say in less than 120 characters what their dream is for the future of every child by 2030. UNICEF DRC has created an exceptional photo exhibition, launched an art competition with the Académie Nationale des Beaux Arts (National Academy of Fine Art), and is now launching an online call for talent.

This anniversary is an opportunity to show the talents and the involvement of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s citizens for every child in the country, and even the world!

The DRC has talent!

Budding or professional artists, singers, and poets, share your vision of a fair world #ForEveryChild. Photos, drawings, songs, paintings, dances, poems… Let your creativity give life to your dream future for children!

Many of you sent us their contributions, now it’s time to vote! Elect the best artwork by telling us in comments, or by liking, sharing and commenting on Facebook:

What’s your favorite dream #ForEveryChild?

“For our children” – Emmanuel Peku 


Education is the best gift that we can give our children, because they are the future of tomorrow’s Congo. There are many children who don’t learn due to a lack of resources. You have to remember that in the Congo, you have to pay even for primary school. While education is a basic right, we should fight together for free primary education in our country.

“Danse by” – Vijana Up x Rinha Crew

“Unforgettable Childhood” – Ludovic Bi Ngongo

  • I will never forget my childhood
  • There’s no way to erase them
  • These memories are too strong
  • There’s no way I can hold myself back for long
  • I want to relive and behold
  • A childhood of gold
  • Where I had everything at my leisure
  • Where I was protected like treasure
  • I had a childhood
  • Like a prince’s childhood
  • Without distress,
  • Nor stress
  • It’s too strong, I can’t let it pass me by
  • Yet I force myself to follow it high
  • But it’s impossible, it’s already gone
  • About to start is a new story long
  • Yes, friend of mine
  • Here I am, I grew up fine
  • I start a new life
  • In a world of thankless strife
  • Where life becomes miserable
  • I’d say even unliveable
  • Cold hearts apparent
  • My family transparent
  • A life full of congestion
  • A life full of turns to question
  • Childhood becomes just a mirage
  • If I could, I would have had it kept at large
  • Always a child to remain
  • To be like Peter Pan, the same
  • Alas, youth forces your hand
  • And nothing holds it on remand
  • To my childhood, I say farewell,
  • I won’t forget your marks so well
  • But children, you have one chance
  • So take advantage of your childhood’s advance

“For every child” – Arsenic Makonga Nkundwe


  • As I read this title, back to my childhood I’m thrown
  • A childhood made of joy, grief made by faults my own
  • I fed my dreams so much, though they were already small
  • So despite my mood, to my lips a smile would fall
  • This is what I want for every child – a smile and bread
  • And that every child has a bed to rest their head, and in the morning, with hot soup be fed
  • I want to see this smile throughout their first day of school
  • Education for every child where he learns the feminine of monkey, the song of the cock
  • A coloured pencil, a marker, or a pen is the only weapon I want every child to be endowed
  • Weapons of war do not let them say their thoughts aloud
  • In grey weather, for every child, I want a blanket under which to lie
  • A bit of justice for these children who we don’t want to hear cry
  • A roof, a hot meal, even just that
  • For every child in the world – affection – even just that
  • For every child in the world, a life, healthy and balanced
  • Far from drug abuse and attacks, far from psychopaths, and paedophiles unbalanced
  • For every child in the world, a hand which helps, a hand to reassure
  • Familial love, not necessarily large bank notes. Love is surely the most beautiful way to assure.
  • For every child, a better life I pray,
  • That we make healthy living spaces for all these children whose ambitions are far away.

Poem from the Enfant de Misère collection by Augustin Poète Kinguse


  • Mummy, make me a life
  • My heart is desperate
  • To play with my dolls.
  • Mummy, make me peace,
  •  I am the son of the great my world,
  • The child of a sad past.
  • Mummy, make me love,
  • Teach me to smile,
  • I’m the son of a great people.
  • A people who need me.
  • Show me, Mummy, the road to school
  • Because tomorrow, I will carry my school bag.

“See children who will be happier than ever before” –  Ismaël Kabuyaya Kisokolo

  • To see every child gain their rights,
  • To see all children at school,
  • To see all children leaving militias,
  • To see every type of discrimination and sexual violence towards women and children destroyed.
  • I want to become an advocate for young people.
  • To see children who will be happier than ever before.

“Je veux partir à l’école” – Pacifique Akilimali

“I dream” – Benoit Kikwaya

  • I dream of a world where every child has the right to a pen and not to weapons,
  • I dream of a world where every child has parents rather than commanders,
  • I dream of a world where the child lives in a home and not in a forest,
  • I dream of children taking mosquito nets and not quinine…

“My dream” – Pauline Dibay

My dream for every child is to see them smile, because they’re not terrorized by the crackling of bullets, because they’re in good health, because they’re sat on a bench in school!

“To you, bambino” – Mbumba Lapaque Piedestal

  • leducation-pour-tous-les-enfants%2c-un-espoir-inneun-voeu%2c-un-re%cc%82ve%2c-une-realite-du-futur%2ca-toi-bambinopbA wish, a dream, a future reality
  • To you, bambino, I raise my voice
  • It’s a fact that a child learns
  • and grows from what he sees
  • and hears through the day
  • Positive pictures and words are your destiny’s way
  • Cribs and kitchens with sweet things in
  • Morning and evening every day
  • An innate hope: education for all children, someday
  • A wish, a dream, a future reality,
  • To you, bambino, I raise my voice
  • An eternal routine of peace in the shade of delight
  • Good evening health, goodbye misery, hello future bright
  • To you, bambino, marked child
  • Under armor of mother’s and father’s love be styled
  • A child free from the Kalashnikov democracy to go to school
  • The flag of drugs is at half mast, you’ve said alcohol was for a fool
  • For you, the alphabet is a friend,
  • Barbarity you will not defend
  • A wish, a dream, a future reality,
  • To you, bambino, I raise my voice
  • The determination is great
  • Someone demands, child, your story relate:
  • I accept in the name of Bambino, hold onto this name
  • You’ll find it one day, etched on top of the world
  • Living is the first right for me
  • My dreams, my heart, my way are free
  • I haven’t dipped my pen into my tears for these words to form
  • I haven’t known misery, my parents kept me warm
  • I have a mouth full of wishes, a head crowded with wondrous things
  • I live in a corrected world and it gives me wings
  • As a child of destiny, the future waits for me, and I’ll certainly get there.

“I want” – Yvonne Anakaur


  • I want happy children, living with a big smile on their lips, and this smile being innocent and full of love.
  • I want children living with their family. Not abandoned children, but children who have parents in their lives.
  • I want children in school, and not in the streets selling things or begging for money.
  • I want children living in a clean environment, children in good health, children who can eat every day.
  • I want to see all children at school, they are tomorrow’s future. Give them a good education, girls and boys are all children with the same rights.

“A world” – Mathilde MIHIGO


I dream of a world where all children have the opportunity to fully live, to see their dreams fulfilled. A world where all children will have full enjoyment of their rights and freedoms. A world without children involved with forces and armed groups. A world where the education of children will be guaranteed for all without discrimination, and where every child will have the opportunity to study according to the means and skills available.

“I dream” – François Byemba Mbf

  • I dream of being a rock of hope for children who are climbing a desperate mountain…
  • Guaranteeing and supporting, even defending the rights of children everywhere.
  • My djembé rhythm and dances often express this.

“Responsible adults” – Kueck Kayembe

My dream for every child is to see them really socialised, for them to assimilate the duties and values of citizens, so that they will become responsible adults.


Express yourself #ForEveryChild!

Which works are you favorite? Do you share any of these dreams? Let us know by commenting below or on Facebook!


Translated from French  by Lucy Oyelade

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Justine Mounet

Justine Mounet est consultante en communication à l’UNICEF RDC. Justine a rejoint l'UNICEF en 2013 car elle est croit que le plaidoyer et la participation de chacun sont essentiels pour faire avancer la société, le bien-être et les droits de tous. Justine est spécialisée dans l'engagement des jeunes à travers le web, convaincue que ce sont des acteurs puissants du changement. Son leitmotiv ? "L'arbre qui tombe fait plus de bruit que la forêt qui pousse" : portons la voix de la forêt en germe !

Justine Mounet is a Communication Consultant at UNICEF in DRC. Justine joined UNICEF in 2013 because she believes that advocacy and everyone's participation are essential for advancing society, as well as the well-being and the rights of all. Justine has specialized in digital youth engagement, convinced that they are powerful actors of change. Her leitmotiv? "The tree that falls makes more noise than the forest that grows": let's make the growing forest heard!.

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  • CONGRATS! You’ve elected the winners of our contest! Thumbs up to Pacifique Akilimali’s song and to Vijana Up x Rinha Crew’s dance. Uniting #ForEveryChild, a great future !


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