UNICEF is 70 years old: how is it celebrated in the DRC?

UNICEF is 70 years old

NEWS – UNICEF’s 70th birthday was celebrated in spectacular fashion in the DRC.  The Congolese are jolly revellers and mobilised across the country to celebrate. Find out how!

Kinshasa: an unforgettable celebration. Bravo UNICEF!

To celebrate UNICEF’s birthday, a photo exhibition was held In Kinshasa from 15 November to 15 December with a spectacular opening in the presence of various United Nations agency representatives, ambassadors, children and young people, the media and the Provincial Minister for Women, the Family and Children’s Affairs, and many other important decision-makers.

This was an opportunity for UNICEF and the Young Reporters to make a strong plea for the rights of each child in the country and to present a radio programme on Radio Okapi  (Okapi Service) with various speakers : governmental, NGOs, civil society, children and youth.

In January, the celebrations continue in the Congolese capital with an exhibition and a competition at the Académie des Beaux-Arts where the artists were requested to express their dream for each child. The results of the competition will follow shortly!


[email protected]: A birthday worthy of this name in Kalemie

UNICEF’s 70th birthday was celebrated in Kalemie with very interesting activities, among others interactive broadcasts on Children’s rights, raising the awareness of adults in the town, a photo exhibition on four themes related to Children’s rights at the SNCC club, a plea by the Young Reporters with the Commissioner-General and an Information Day for women leaders on the 70th birthday of UNICEF. Really cool!


How did we celebrate UNICEF’s 70 years in Kananga?

UNICEF in Kananga used the opportunity to refresh the memory of its contemporaries with a presentation on UNICEF and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) accompanying the [email protected] photo exhibition at two higher education institutions and universities in Kananga: the Higher Institute for Social Sciences and the UPRECO (Presbyterian University of the Congo). There were also other activities against the same backdrop. Wow!


Lubumbashi: the 70th birthday of UNICEF gets the media talking

In addition to the once-off photo exhibition displayed by all the UNICEF offices in the country, the inhabitants of Lubumbashi fervently involved the media in celebrating the 70 years of UNICEF. Various local channels also broadcast a special programme on the work of UNICEF in Southern DRC.

There were cultural competitions focussing on advocacy for the promotion of Children’s Rights on this occasion: music, theatre, dancing, poetry, photo essays, audio coverage…there was lots of creativity around when it came to Children’s Rights. Long live Lubumbashi !


Goma celebrates UNICEF’s 70 years with music

The DRC and music, a true love story! UNICEF in Goma respected this principle.  A public concert with artists (musicians/comedians) was held in Goma on Saturday 10 December in celebration of UNICEF’s 70 years. The concert was broadcast and followed live on Facebook.

In addition to singing and dancing, there was a travelling exhibit in Goma of the UNICEF 70 photos at three different venues in the city; the exhibition was projected on three big screens at the airport and two of the city’s major arteries; there was also a panel discussion on child participation: the sharing of experiences between new and former young parliamentarians and reporters. Happy birthday !

Kisangani knows how to celebrate when it comes to children’s rights

UNICEF’s 70th birthday was an opportunity for the Congolese to show off their partying talents. And believe me, UNICEF in Kisangani has a lot of talent.

Between the exhibition of 02 to 17 December 2016 at the Kisangani office and the round table discussion of 12 December 2017 in the UNICEF boardroom with journalists from the town’s channels and the Young Reporters, Kisangani showed no respite. Brilliant!


What to make of 70 years? Mbandaka tells the story of UNICEF

You are very young and you might not know much about the life of a seventy year old, so Mbandaka has thought of you.

To celebrate the 70th birthday, UNICEF in Mbandaka issued a press release on the town’s 6 community radio stations about the historical background of UNICEF, as well as its achievements alongside the governments of 190 countries of the world, and also interviews on the achievements supported by UNICEF, retracing the history of the establishment of the Mbandaka UNICEF office and its successes.  The celebrations took on another dimension. Thank you Mbandaka!


Bandundu : un anniversaire axé sur l’éducation et la liberté d’expression

In celebration of the 70th birthday of UNICEF, Bandundu held a debate with the students and academics of Higher Education Institutions and the University of Bandundu (ISC, ISP, ISTM, UNIBAND), coupled with an Open Day at the Bandundu offices of UNICEF. There was a guided visit by the Young Reporters, who took the opportunity to make a passionate plea for Children’s rights. Do you need an innovative idea? Drop in at Bandundu!


Bunia celebrates UNICEF’s 70 years in good spirit

The following were on the agenda: interactive programmes on UNICEF’S activities in the Ituri province on two radio stations (Radio Canal Révélation and Radio Candi), a friendly football match between the organisations that are active in the field of child participation, a concert by musicians committed to Children’s rights, plays, a presentation of UNICEF’S activities, a cocktail reception to advocate for Children’s rights, a visit to children in conflict with the Law and the handing over of presents… It was a sparkeling celebration: terrific!

Happy birthday UNICEF and long live the DRC!

Translated from French by Elsabe Joubert

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Elga Musau

Elga est bénévole pour la Participation de l’Enfant à l’UNICEF RDC depuis septembre 2016. Détentrice d’une licence en communication des organisations et des entreprises, Elga est très intéressée par tout ce qui touche les enfants. Elga soutient la pensée selon laquelle les enfants sont comme du ciment frais, tout ce qui leurs tombe dessus laisse des traces.

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