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Day of the African Child

I was born and raised in Goma in North-Kivu, east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In my hometown, the situation of children continues to deteriorate more and more. In armed conflict zones, desert areas and epidemics, the main victim is the child. We can see cases of children enrolled by force in armed groups, children separated from their families, massacred children, malnourished children and others who die of hunger.

On behalf of all these children who seem to have lost hope, who believe that their cries would never be heard. It is on behalf of these children who think that no one can see their sufferings but who cry “HELP” that I speak in this piece of slam.

This slam is a message of hope to all the children in a difficult situation, to all the discriminated children, raped or malnourished. It is also an alarm cry! The child is a seed that needs a good environment to develop and produce good fruits that are useful to all of humanity.

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Osée Elektra

Osée Elektra est un jeune slameur de Goma, à l’est de la République Démocratique du Congo. Activiste des droits des enfants, il se mobilise au quotient pour promouvoir, protéger et défendre ces droits.

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