A competition to promote children’s rights in the DRC

children’s rights in the DRC
 – UNICEF organised an art competition for artists of the Academy of Fine Arts, on the occasion of its 70th anniversary.  The competition aimed to depict children’s rights in the DRC in works of art.

Artists engaged in children’s rights in the DRC

At the close of the competition, there was an awards ceremony with five winners awarded prizes and certificates. The overall winner of the competition was Achille Katemo, a second-year student in painting, followed by Arnold Oleko from the same class who explained that his work represents the importance of children in the world.

Placed third, Jordanne Bopuku is a third year student of painting. Together, these three comprise the winning trio.

With the aim of supporting the work submitted by other participants, two school pupils of the Academy were recognised with commendations.  The first was given to a Year 10 secondary pupil called Masirika Mugisho whose work symbolises a child’s development.  The second artist recognised was Kapesa, who unfortunately was not present at the ceremony.

From children’s rights to works of art

I find this idea of linking painting to children’s rights excellent, because painting draws attention readily and it is therefore easy to spread a message through this medium.

What I particularly enjoyed was the total freedom allowed in the design of these works.  I think that messages communicated by painters through their paintings will be better understood because they are expressed freely.

The event concluded with the reading of a speech by a representative of the Minister of Gender, Family and Children.  The participants were then invited to a drinks reception and a group photo was taken.

Photo: UNICEF DDC 2017 Eunice Muba 

Translated from French by Julia Bayton

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Ancienne Enfant Reporter de Kinshasa, Eunice a représenté à plusieurs reprises les enfants de la RDC et de l’Afrique Centrale lors de conférences internationales.

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