Convention on the Rights of the Child: children’s best interests (3/8)

All the people of the world have rights. Children need special protection and therefore, special rights as well. The Convention on the Rights of the Child includes all the rights but also all the obligations relating to children.

Article 3: Children first

Sometimes, parents divorce, children are ill-treated, or children commit crimes. In cases like these, judges have to find a solution to these problems, by talking with the parents, the children or other people. Every time, they have to think of the children and their future. The only good solutions are those that are good for the children.

The country you live in has a duty to protect you.

But what can governments do to protect their children? They can create laws in their country to protect children. They can also create departments where there are people to help children and come to their defence.

We call them social services, health services, child protection services. But schools, child-care services, nursery schools, and children’s homes have also been adapted for the good of children.

Article 4: Children’s rights must be respected

States parties will do what is necessary to ensure that children are given their rights. If you do not have some of the rights in the Convention, your country has to change some of the laws. Perhaps it will have to rewrite them entirely. Perhaps it will be enough for your country to make slight changes.

In countries where children suffer from hunger, or where they die of illnesses or cannot go to school, it is very difficult to respect these rights. Other countries should help these countries so that their children can survive.

Article 5: Parents look after their children

It is parents who have to look after their children. They try to do this without distorting any of the child’s rights. Governments support them in this task. Parents help their children to grow up and to better understand their strong points and their weak points.


Know the rights of the child to better achieve them:

Illustrations specially drawn by Fati Kabuika from the Congolese organization BD Kin Label

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