Convention on the Rights of the Child: who is a child? (2/8)

All the people of the world have rights. Children need special protection and therefore, special rights as well. The Convention on the Rights of the Child includes all the rights but also all the obligations relating to children.

Article 1: Who is a child?

A child is a human being below the age of 18. After age 18, you are an adult and you have the same rights and responsibilities as big people: parents, teachers and neighbours. Laws are different in some countries. The children in these countries have the same rights as adults at an earlier age.

Article 2: All children are equal

All children are equal. State parties must enforce all rights highlighted in this convention for all children living in their area. State parties must always respect them, even if the children come from a different country, even if they are of another skin colour, even if they are of the opposite sex, even if they speak a different language, even if they believe in another god or none at all, even if they and their parents think differently to you, even if they are richer or poorer than you and even if they are disabled.


Know the rights of the child to better achieve them:

Illustrations specially drawn by Fati Kabuika from the Congolese organization BD Kin Label

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  • Prof Prem raj Pushpakaran writes — 2019 marks the 30th year of signing of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child!!!


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