Convention on the Rights of the Child: the right to health (5/8)

All the people of the world have rights. Children need special protection and therefore, special rights as well. The Convention on the Rights of the Child includes all the rights but also all the obligations relating to children.

Article 24: Children want to be healthy

Every child has the right to be healthy and remain healthy. That is why states parties do their best to ensure that:

  • – Children are treated when they are ill or have an accident;
  • – Mothers are looked after before and after birth so that the child is born healthy;
  • – Children eat healthily and are not hungry;
  • – Children have clean water to drink and clean air to breathe;
  • – Children and their parents know how to remain healthy;
  • – Adults treat ill people in ways which do not harm their health.


Know the rights of the child to better achieve them:

Illustrations specially drawn by Fati Kabuika from the Congolese organization BD Kin Label

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