Convention on the Rights of the Child: Introduction and Preamble (1/8)

All the people of the world have rights. Children need special protection and therefore, special rights as well. The Convention on the Rights of the Child includes all the rights but also all the obligations relating to children.

The introduction

In 1990, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was completed. It’s an agreement. Countries that accept the rights of children formulated in this text; sign and ratify it. They become States Parties, like the Democratic Republic of Congo, and must then go to great lengths to respect it.

The Preamble

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is divided into a preamble and articles. The articles describe the rights of the child. The preamble is an introduction. It contains all of the adults’ reflections which could not be stated in the form of articles. So, the preamble includes the history of the rights of the child and declares that children need appropriate help and protection to grow up happy and supported.

The adults thought in particular about children growing up without parents, children who suffer hunger or those who grow up in times of conflict. They also thought about children who have committed crimes and who have been sentenced, as well as those who are tortured, mistreated and exploited. All of them need special assistance. And the adults are certain of one thing: that children are not as strong as them, they don’t know as many things as them and they can’t defend themselves as well as them. This is why these rights were established for all the world’s children. No child should be deprived of them. Because all children should have the opportunity to feel respected, to express their thoughts freely and to take responsibility for their part in future of our earth.


Know the rights of the child to better achieve them:

Illustrations specially drawn by Fati Kabuika from the Congolese organization BD Kin Label

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