Convention on the Rights of the Child: protection from exploitation (7/8)

All the people of the world have rights. Children need special protection and therefore, special rights as well. The Convention on the Rights of the Child includes all the rights but also all the obligations relating to children.

Article 32: Working children

Most children go to school every day. But many work to help their family get by. The Convention aims to protect all children from exploitation and any work which is harmful to their health and well-being. States parties set limits on work carried out by children. In the DRC, the minimum working age is 16. The law forbids all forms of sexual exploitation of children and prevents them from doing any dangerous work.

Articles 34, 35, and 36: When children are exploited

There are some adults who abuse children’s trust. They exploit them sexually, traffic them, sell them or kidnap them. States parties must protect children from all of these practices and all other forms of exploitation. 

Article 38: Child soldiers

War is not a game, and children must be protected so they do not have to become soldiers in armed conflicts. If a country is at war, children, women and the elderly should receive special protection.

Article 39: What does rehabilitation mean?

There are some children who were mistreated, beaten or exploited despite the law, or who had to fight in wars. All of them have suffered greatly. These children have the right to rehabilitation: they are given medical care and the chance to talk, rest, and recover before reintegrating their community and their family.


Know the rights of the child to better achieve them:

Illustrations specially drawn by Fati Kabuika from the Congolese organization BD Kin Label

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