A Facebook group for all the Youth Reporters in DRC!


My name is Bora Baumba. I am a youth reporter from Lubumbashi. I am 14 years old and I dream of being a criminologist.

For me, being a youth reporter is a way to meet many key leaders, to be of service to my peers and community, and become acquainted with the opinions, lives, perspectives, thoughts and virtues of the youth in Katanga.

Because we can’t have eyes everywhere, it’s necessary that we be as numerous as possible so we can express our points of view when our rights are not respected.

It’s for this reason that I created a group on Facebook where I invited all the youth reporters in DRC and the entire world to join us, to get to know one another, exchange ideas, and find solutions together.

You will find the group at the following address: 


If you are not already friends of the Bana RD Congo Facebook page, you can join us at:


As we grow our numbers, the more our right to participate in the discussion will be heard.

Thank you! We are together!


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Bora a 14 ans et elle est enfant reporter à Lubumbashi. Plus tard elle veut être criminologue. Aujourd’hui elle s’attache à rassembler les enfants reporters de toutes les provinces pour que leur voix résonne jusqu’au bout du monde!

Bora is 14 years old and is a child reporter in Lubumbashi. In the future she would like to be a criminologist. Today, she is trying hard to bring together child reporters from all the provinces so that their voices will be heard in the far corners of the world!

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