Capoeira in the DRC : for a better future

Capoeira in the DRC

We the Children Reporters from Goma accompanied a powerful delegation from Canada to the Transit and Orientation Camp for children rescued from armed forces and armed groups (CTO/CAJED) in mid August 2016. This delegation, whose objective is to support the project of the Capoeira sponsored by UNICEF, has the membership of the minister of defence himself. Here is what I can still remember about it.

Canada, UNICEF and Capoeira

My fellow Children Reporters Jospin, Hassan, and I conducted an interview with Mr Marc- Andre Blanchard, the Canadian ambassador to the United Nations who spoke to us about UNICEF-Canada relations and the expected result of their support for the project: “Canada being very active with UNICEF for a considerable period. We particularly  support the Capoeira project among other projects because it is of major importance and it puts a new smile on the faces of the children who have suffered under the  armed forces and armed groups”.


Having emphasized how the Capoeira has been helping in the moral and physical training of ex children soldiers, Mr Gilbert the coordinator of CTO/ CAJED spoke about the major point characterising the operation of the camp which includes contact with the commandants of the armed forces and armed groups for the release of all recruits below the age of 18 years; training of the latter in the camp  for more or less 3 months during which some go for the profession of their choice while waiting to return to their families.

We must never give up

After the brief discussion with the ambassador and the Capoeira display The Canadian minister of defence addressed the children. All of us, Children Reporters as well as children rescued from the armed forces and groups.


He gave an insight into his childhood. He comes from a small Indian village that does not even have power supply but all the same, he was able to become a great personality thanks to his studies and his perseverance. “All those who knew me during my childhood would not believe their eyes if they saw me because they would not have imagined that one day, I will be the minister of Canada. In any case, we don’t have to give up rather we should educate ourselves for all that I am because of my education

What can we do to guaranty a better future which is so mysterious? Make very good use of what today has to offer, which includes the least opportunities.

Just as united we stand and many ants can lift an elephant, let us join hands and work relentlessly together within our capabilities: The government, the children, families, the society, NGOs, the media, and others to finally build a world fit for children.

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Translated from French by Ginikachi Obah 

Firstly published on December 2016

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Nadia Issa

Nadia âgée de 15 ans est Enfant Reporter de Goma. Elle est en 4ème littéraire au collège Mwanga et rêve de devenir pédiatre parce son plus grand souhait est de voir les enfants en bonne santé.

Nadia is a 15 year-old Young Reporter from Goma. She's in Litterary year four at Mwanga secondary school and dreams of becoming a pediatrician because her strongest wish is to see children in good health.

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