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  Jonathan is 16 years old and he is a youth reporter Kinshasa. He studied at Saint Joseph College and wants to become a lawyer to defend the children’s rights. His dream? That his country “become a country fit for children, a country that respects the rights of the children and put them at the center of everything.”



Eunice MUBA,

Eunice is 14 years old and she is a youth reporter in Kinshasa. She represented Central Africa’s children  at the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa in 2012. In her speech to African leaders, she recalled children’s rights to survival, freedom of expression, education, health and called for a strategy to prevent armed conflicts which affect the child. Why youth reporter? “Because I want to make my country a better place for children to live.”



Samy is 10 years old and he is 5th grade in Nsango Magulu Elementary school, 22 km from the town of Kalemie. He is one of the 40 youth reporters trained in the province of North Katanga in August 2013. He lives with his family in the camps for displaced perons of Nsango Magulu and is from Bendera.



Bandundu 4

Rolande is 13 years old and she is a  youth reporter in Bandundu. Along with her friends, she is comitted to fight against early marriage and the economic exploitation of children. Later, she will be a teacher to convey what she has learned




Nathan is 15 years old and studies at Collège Notre Dame du Congo in Kinshasa. Passionate about football, he plays middle to “organize the game”. He wants to become a renowned lawyer and work for the International Criminal Court. His  watchword: “That we all are one”.



Bora is 14 years old and is a Young Reporter in Lubumbashi. In the future she would like to be a criminologist. Today, she is trying hard to bring together Young Reporters from all the provinces so that their voices will be heard in the far corners of the world!




Carine is 18 years old and is a Young Reporter from Goma. She is in her sixth year of secondary education and is specialising in information technology. A keen photographer and writer of human interest stories, Carine believes that through these channels she will be able to contribute to the respect of children’s rights in the DRC in general and in North-Kivu in particular.


Fatuma Feza

Fatuma is 12 ½ years old. She is a pupil in year 5 of Magulu Muyembo Primary School in the village of Sango Malumbi, in Kalemie, Katanga Province. Together with her classmates, she leads advocacy activities for children’s rights and for peace in her school and her village.



Sofia is 15 years old and lives in Paris, France. A first year Senior High School student, she would like to become a lawyer. She likes history, geography, learning new languages and cooking. Last year she took part in the Google Hangout organised at the time of the Francophone Summit in Kinshasa between the children of the DRC and the francophone world.




Passionate about drawing, Miradi, 13 years old, is studying at Saint Joseph High School in Kinshasa. In the future, he would like to be an archaeologist or research scientist. To him, being a Young Reporter ‘is above all defending the rights of other children’. 




Merveille is 16 years old and is studying at the Bambous Institute in Kinshasa. Afterwards, she would like to go to university and become a nutritionist. Merveille believes: ‘One must not restrict oneself to the role of being a Young Reporter, but continue this commitment for children into adult life.’



Osé is a fourth year literary studies student at the Mbandaka Institute, Equateur province. He is 15 years old and has been a Young Reporter since January 2013.



UNICEF Burundi 2014 Deo Kusanika Matayiya

Déo is 17 years old, he is a Young Reporter and a student in final year in KIVUVU High School in Bandundu. Deo has represented Congolese childre at the Forum of Hope in Bujumbura in 2014. He was elected as an Amabassador of Hope and represented children from the Great Lakes region at the Special ICGLR Summit on Youth Employment. For him, being a child reporter gives him an opportunity to advocate on improving the situation on children in his community.  



Josiane is 15 years old and lives in Goma. She became a Youth Reporter in 2014 to show that girls play an important role in society and to help fight against the violations of children’s rights. Josiane studies in the Social Studies section of her high school. She would love to become a psychologist or sociologist to better understand and help children. Her battle cry – “the place of child is with the family and at school, not with groups of armed forces.”


UNICEF RDC 2014 Adrien Majourel  Hugues (640x427)

Hugues is a children’s parliamentarian in Bukavu, North Kivu. He studies in the literary section of the Institut Bangu and dreams of working for childhood, because the child is always a victim. He has joined the peace club in his neighbourhood and very much likes his motto “whoever loves peace prepares children not war”.


UNICEF RDC 2014 Adrien Majourel_Angélique Angélique is a young reporter from Kinshasa.


UNICEF RDC 2014 Adrien Majourel Laetitia (640x427)Laetitia is 14 years old and is a Peace Ambassador for the province of North-Kivu.


UNICEF RDC 2014 Adrien Majourel Romance (640x427)Romance, 14 years old, lives in Lubumbashi and will represent Katanga Province at the Bujumbura Hope Forum, end of May 2014.


UNICEF RDC 2014 Adrien Majourel_CarmelCarmel is 15 years old and is a child reporter from Kinshasa. Carmel is a cyclist, builds robots and likes football and Cristiano Ronaldo. His motto is: ‘Despite the storms, one must move on.’


UNICEF RDC 2014 Adrien Majourel Keulliana (640x427)Keulliana is 14 years old and is studying Information Technology Management and Economics at Toyokana Senior High School in Kinshasa. She is passionate about freedom of expression for children and adores singing and dancing.


UNICEF RDC 2014 Adrien Majourel Hervé (640x427)Hervé, 17, is from Kananga, Kasai Occidental, where he is a 6th year high school student specializing in Latin and Philosophy. Hervé represented the DRC at the Children’s Forum of Hope. When he is an adult, he would like to become an ambassador to represent his country.


UNICEF RDC 2014 Adrien Majourel Terrence (640x427)Terence is 15 years old and come from the Bas-Congo Province. He wants to be a lawyer. He hopes the Great Lakes Region and the rest of Africa will be in peace and finally be able to develop itself.


Rachel Mangaza

Aged 13, Rachel has been a young reporter in Kindu since 2013, Maniema’s capital. She dreams of becoming a computer network scientist and is strongly committed to defending children’s rights. Her motto: “child marriage hinders children’s harmonious development. Let’s fight it.”

The articles represent the views of their authors and do not engage the responsibility of UNICEF.

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Adrien Majourel

Adrien Majourel est Officier de communication à l’Unicef RDC et administrateur de Pona Bana. Spécialisé en relations internationales et journalisme, il est convaincu de l’importance de donner de la voix aux enfants car bien souvent ce qu’ils voient échappe à des yeux d’adultes. Son crédo ? « Les enfants sont des énigmes lumineuses » Daniel Pennac

Adrien Majourel is Communications Officer at UNICEF DRC and manager of Pona Bana. Specialized in International Relations and Journalism, he believes it is important to give children a voice as what they see often slips from adult’s grasp. l’importance de donner de la voix aux enfants car bien souvent ce qu’ils voient échappe à des yeux d’adultes. His leitmotiv ? « Children are luminous enigmas » Daniel Pennac

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