Child Reporters turned to equality and the future in Bandundu

Child reporters preparing for future in BandunduPHOTO STORY-Child reporters have engaged everywhere and increasingly in promoting the rights of the child. Jean-Paul, Emmanuel and Grace investigated the situation of children’s rights in their province, Kwilu. Discover in pictures their work for children and their future in Bandundu.

Child reporters for equality and the future in Bandundu

Child Reporters Turned to Equality and the Future Reunited within the premises of the Ministry of Gender, Family and Children’s Division in the City of Bandundu, Emmanuel, Grâce, and Jean-Paul put together the reports they have collected on child labour in the city markets, and exchange their thoughts. Although the promotion on children’s rights is a central element to the national agenda, however, these past few years, the participation of children remained as mere symbols.

Child reporters preparing for future in Bandundu

As a result, UNICEF and the Ministry of Gender, Family and Children’s affairs of the RDC, through the program, the “Child Reporter”, chose to provide the youth with voices for them to defend the rights of children and to be leaders who are able to make sound decisions.

Child Reporter: a role that is often misunderstood

Child reporters preparing for future in Bandundu

“Our work requires patience and preparation” Emmanuel, 17 years old and the oldest among the three aspiring reporters, testifies, “They even ask us for money, they think that interviews are payable!”It is without doubt because of our outfits” Jean-Paul, 13 years old and the youngest, replies while showing UNICEF and the European Union logos on his t-shirt. “ A man even questioned, accusing me of using all the money in goal to sell our country!” He adds. Everyone shares a hearty laugh.

Reports on Child labor

Child reporters for future in Bandundu

Concerned that numerous children are spending their days selling various supplies at the market places rather than going to school, these child reporters decided to go investigate. Despite curious glances and a few invectives that were elicited upon the child reporters’ approach, they were able to garner the children’s’ testimonies and figure out the best reasoning behind the parents’ motives to sending their children to work. “ It is the poverty and the deplorable living conditions which economically exploit the children” Grace summarizes, “ also, despite having a law which ensures that schools remain free of fee, nevertheless, these institutions still mandate a charge. As a result, parents do not have the means to send their children to school, so they send them to work instead.” She regrets.

Child reporters prepare for their future

Child reporters preparing for future in Bandundu

All three have wished to become child reporters to advocate for the betterment of the children’s situations in Bandundu City. Through their reports, the child reporters learn, express, share, and give voices to other children for the sole purpose that each and every child participates in improving the living conditions of all, in order to campaign for equality and their future in Bandundu.

UNICEF is grateful to the European Union for its support to the Women and men, progressing together programme, which trained the Child Reporters.

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Photo: UNICEF RDC 2016 Dubourthoumieu

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Gwenn Dubourthoumieu

Gwenn Dubourthoumieu s’est intéressé à la photographie alors qu’il travaillait en Afrique pour des ONG humanitaires. Professionnel depuis avril 2010, son travail est régulièrement récompensé. Il travaille régulièrement pour UNICEF RDC en tant que consultant photographique.

Gwenn Dubourthoumieu became interested in photography while working in Africa for humanitarian NGOs. Professional since 2010, his work is regularly rewarded.  He's a photography consultant for UNICEF DRC.

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