Children of the world, express yourselves!

Hello, my name is Eunice and I’m 13 years old. I’m in year 2 and I’d like to study to become a businesswoman. I’ve been a child reporter from Kinshasa for almost 2 years.

Over the 2 years, I got to learn how to know more about my rights and took part in many activities during which I was able to share my views.

Through advocacy, we as child reporters were able to appear on national television, to finally directly communicate with children and also reach key authorities who are able to bring about changes to difficult situations faced by Congolese children.


During the TV Show “La Voix de l’enfant” on national TV RTNC © UNICEFRDC/Majourel/2014

For example, I remember when we did a La Voix de l’Enfant program on school fees that were too high. We informed the Education Minister that this was a concern for us and made reference to article 28 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the right to education. After that, the fees were lowered in the most popular schools in Lubumbashi and Kinshasa. It was a victory, just before the start of the school year!

I’d like to tell you about our right to freedom of expression.  As children we have different points of view on different subjects and we should make them known.  We all have dreams and talents that we should all explore.

Eunice, enfant reporter de la RDC, représentant les enfants d'afrique centrale

Eunice represented the Central African children during the 3rd Panafrican Forum in Addis Abeba in 2012

For example, my father has always dreamt of me becoming a pilot. But my dream is to become a top businesswoman, known around the world.  During the child reporter training, I learnt my rights as a child and particularly my right to freedom of expression. As I was aware of this right, I was finally able to clearly tell my father what I wanted to do with my life, and my father eventually accepted it.

You may not have the chance to be a child reporter, but you have the right to freedom of expression in all its forms, including speech, music or dance.

Express your thoughts, express your talent, express yourself!

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Ancienne Enfant Reporter de Kinshasa, Eunice a représenté à plusieurs reprises les enfants de la RDC et de l’Afrique Centrale lors de conférences internationales.

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