Cholera outbreak in Goma: UNICEF calls for vigilance!

cholera outbreak in Goma

PHOTO REPORT – Since July 5th, Nord Kivu province has been facing a cholera outbreak which has already affected more 1,000 people and claimed the lives of 11 people in just two weeks. 

The outbreak can only be stopped through a combination of actions

About 20 people, mostly children, lay under the tent, everyone in their own bed and apparently exhausted. At their bedside, men and women in white blouses wearing personal protective equipment are busy taking care of the patients. There is an emergency. It is a cholera outbreak.

Working alongside the provincial government, UNICEF provides support for the treatment of patients, water purification and awareness raising through large scale campaigns to break the cycle of transmission.

Cholera outbreak in Goma : a unique photo report

Jeannot Kassa, UNICEF’s communication consultant, has recently visited two treatment centers. Discover his unique photo report on Medium

At the heart of a cholera treatment center

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Djaounsede Madjiangar

Djaounsede Madjiangar est un Spécialiste de la Communication de l'UNICEF pour la RDC, basé à Goma. Il est convaincu que pour une vie harmonieuse dans la société, chaque enfant doit être élevé dans un esprit de paix, de dignité, de tolérance, de liberté, d’égalité, et de solidarité.

Djaounsede Madjiangarstrong is a UNICEF Communication Specialist for Eastern DRC, based in Goma. He believes that for a harmonious life in a society, every child should be raised in peace, dignity, tolerance, equality and solidarity.

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