Yvonne, a community volunteer against malnutrition in Ituri

Fight against malnutrition in DRC

Yvonne, community volunteer (UNICEF DRC Kassa)

PHOTOIn Bamande, a health area located in the Komanda health zone, south-east of the Ituri province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Yvonne Nengo, 30 years, never goes unnoticed.

Fighting malnutrition in Ituri

With a screening booklet and reference chips in hand, the young mother goes round the village, three times a week, to test for acute malnutrition in children less than 5 years, to monitor their treatment and to sensitize the community on this public health problem.

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Malnutrition Ituri

More info about malnutrition in Ituri and in DRC

Translated from French by Adjah Benedict

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