Ebola in the Equateur Province: the situation as of 20 June 2018

A girl has her temperature checked at the main port in Mbandaka (Photo: UNICEF DRC Naftalin)

Find all the latest information about the Ebola outbreak in the Equateur Province and the response of the Government, UNICEF and their partners to control the outbreak.


As of the 18th of June, the UNICEF Principal Adviser on Health Epidemic assumed the role of the UN coordinator for the Ebola response in Mbandaka for 3 weeks.

As of the 20th of June, a total 38 confirmed and 14 probable cases were reported in the three affected health zones of Wangata (Mbandaka), Bikoro and Itipo of the Equateur province.

The epidemiological situation in the affected health zones, however, remains stable with no new confirmed case reported in three affected health zones. The last confirmed case was reported on the 6th of June.

As of the 20th of June, a total of 3,139 persons have been vaccinated in the three affected health zones.

Key figures

  • 61 total reported cases (MoH, 20 June 2018)
  • 38 confirmed cases (MoH, 20 June 2018)
  • 28 deaths recorded (MoH, 20 June 2018)
  • 179 contacts under surveillance (MoH,20 June 2018)

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Yves Willemot

Yves Willemot est le chef de l’Équipe InfoCom de l’UNICEF RDC. Plus que tout, ce qui est important pour lui c'est d'être "tous ensemble pour les enfants".

Yves Willemot is Head of the UNICEF DRC InfoCom Team. More than anything, he believes that the most important is to "be together for the children".

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