Education in Bandundu, is it of quality?

I decided to talk today about the quality of education because it is a cornerstone of the development of a country. According to UNESCO, education has the power to promote development, to unveil talents and empower people to share and protect their rights.

But we find education in Bandundu to not be of quality.

Lets take for example the case of children living in the rural areas. Some teachers are leaving the school before time to attend to other activities that allow them to provide for their families; reason cited for this is that they are not adequately supported by the state. Do you think this practice helps in the development of the child’s personality and the development of their talents? Not at all, since some of these children, despite having finished primary school, cannot even read and write properly.

This lack of quality in education has been the subject of a panel discussion that brought together young reporters, people working in the education sector in Bandundu as well as lawyers. It was during the 23rd anniversary of the International Day of the African Child, which focuses on the theme: “Education that is free, of quality, compulsory and suitable for all children in Africa.

The participants, including ourselves The Young Reporters, invited to this event have identified the real causes of this decline of education in Bandundu including: 

– Incompetence of some teachers and their disregard for others;
– Lack of proper support for teachers, which promotes negligence on their part;
– Lack of adequate school facilities

We thus made a few recommendations to the state (provincial Ministry of EPSP and the Provincial Division), teachers, parents and children, these were as follows:

Deo_education bandundu

  • To the Congolese state:

– Improve the salaries of teachers so as to keep them motivated;
– Improve the conditions for all parties by rehabilitating schools;
– Clean up the industry by retraining teachers, which will unveil the incompetent teachers, as they say ‘Man can only give what he has’. Sub-standard teachers can only transmit that of low quality and yet the children are supposed to learn from them.

  • To Teachers:

– Prepare for lessons well and ensure that children listen and understand these lessons

Consider the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Article 29: “Education shall be directed to the full development of the personality of the child, the development of talents and mental and physical abilities, to the extent of its potential. Education shall prepare the child for an active adult life in a free society and foster respect for his/her parents, identity, language and cultural values, and the culture and values ​​of others “.

 We observe in Bandundu that children claim to study and yet they are not prepared for political responsibility, they have not been taught to respect human rights and respect for their natural environment, and they do not know how to speak French well, and in some cases they cannot even read or write. We clearly see that education in Bandundu does not meet the requirements to be called quality.

We therefore call on the Congolese Government to take responsibility for finding new strategies to reform the education sector.

Education is the bedrock of development of a country; it is in the interest of the Congolese nation to work to make education in Bandundu to be of quality as in the other provinces of the DRC.

Translated from french by Peter Vilane.

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Déo Deo a 17 ans, il est enfant reporter et finaliste au collège Kivuvu à Bandundu. Il a représenté les enfants de la RDC au Forum de l'espoir des enfants à Bujumbura en juin 2014. Il fut élu ambassadeur du Forum de l'espoir et a représenté les enfants de la Région des grands Lacs au sommet Spécial de la CIRGL sur l'emploi des jeunes. Pour lui, être enfant Reporter est une opportunité qui lui permet de plaider pour l'amélioration de la situation des enfants de sa communauté

Déo is 17 years old, he is a Young Reporter and a student in final year in KIVUVU High School in Bandundu. Deo has represented Congolese childre at the Forum of Hope in Bujumbura in 2014. He was elected as an Amabassador of Hope and represented children from the Great Lakes region at the Special ICGLR Summit on Youth Employment. For him, being a child reporter gives him an opportunity to advocate on improving the situation on children in his community.

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