Mukundayi, an ambitious teenager, dreams of modernizing his country

education in Kasai“At the end of my studies, I want to become an architect engineer. I wish to contribute to the modernization of the town of Kananga where the majority of the buildings date back to the colonial era,” said Mukundayi, a 15 year old, proudly.

For three years, he was out of school because of his parents’ divorce. For several months, he has been living with his uncle and intended to return to school to pursue his dream. Unfortunately, the conflict forced the young boy to delay his project. It is only recently that Mukundayi has been enrolled in 6th grade at the Agrobelu Remedial Education Center in Kananga.

The young boy is determined to catch up and finish his studies. He considers it the only way to succeed! In the morning, Mukundayi follows the normal school curriculum and every afternoon he goes to the Remedial Education Center.

Mukundayi studies daily to become a renowned architectural engineer. He is regular and assiduous in class. His mentor, Mr. Delphin counts Mukundayi among the brightest students in his class. “The young Mukundayi is one of the most applied students in my class. He is intelligent and I hope he can achieve his dreams,” he explains.

Education in Kasai: the work of UNICEF and its partners

Since December 2017 and thanks to the financial support of UKAID, UNICEF and the Provincial Division of Social Affairs of Kasaï-Central have set up a remedial education program for children affected by the conflict. Seven Remedial Education Centers (REC), overseeing nearly 1,400 children, are functional in the town of Kananga and its surroundings.

The coaches of REC were trained on the academic upgrading, peace education, and life skills. School supplies, as well as recreational and development kits, were distributed containing balloons, jackets, whistles, pumps, and various games.

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Translated from French by Dorsaf N. James

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Albert Mbayo

Albert Mbayo est point focal communication au bureau UNICEF de Kananga.

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