No to the Sexual Exploitation of Children

New and unusual! Take a look at the first article sent to us by a young reporter…. through text message! Thank you Glodi!

In the DRC, young reporters don’t always have access to a computer to write their articles. Nevertheless, they still find a way to send us their message; nothing will stop them from defending their rights and those of every child.

Hello. My name is Glodi and I am a young reporter in Kinshasa.

My article is about the children and girls who are victims of sexual exploitation, a frequent problem in the DRC. In the DRC, some girls are exploited due to the poverty of their parents and some backward customs.

For example, I heard a story on TV about a mother abandoned by her husband, left to raise two children alone. In exchange for a plot of land and to support her family, the mother agreed to make her daughter the girlfriend of an older man. Parents often use their children in this way to earn money.

These practices do not comply with Article 34 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which says that the State must protect children against violence and sexual exploitation.

I am reaching out in distress to the government, the United Nations agencies and the international community working for the protection of child rights to ensure this article is put into practice.

It is very important for victims to not be afraid to report those who have hurt them. Then it’s the responsibility of the Congolese government to punish them and protect the victims.

I also ask parents to not subject their children to these practices because they are the future.

We give a voice to children who wants to defend their rights. Discover more of our memorable children’s article.

Translated from French by Gail Somers.

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Glodi a 14 ans et est enfant reporter de Kinshasa. Il étudie la pédagogie parce qu'apprendre aux personnes qui sont ignorantes est le plus noble des métiers. Glodi est passionné de football, et surtout de Lionel Messi. Son rêve pour le futur est qu'au moins 99% des enfants aillent à l'école et qu'il n'y ait aucune discrimination entre filles et garçons, pour que le Congo se développe et que les enfants aient un avenir radieux.

Glodi is 14 and he's a young reporter in Kinshasa. He's studying Education because teaching people who are ignorant is such an honourable profession. Glodi is passionate about football, and especially Lionel Messi. His dream for the future would be for 99% of children to be able to go to school and for there to be no discrimination between girls and boys, so that Congo can develop and offer a bright future for its children.

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