Humanitarian situation (4): the Refugee Influx to DRC from Burundi – 3 August 2015

Humanitarian situation (4): the Refugee Influx to DRC from Burundi – 3 August 2015

Burundi is going through a crisis that forces many of its inhabitants to flee to neighbouring countries. The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of these and has already welcomed more than 10 000 Burundian refugees.

Find out about the latest updates on their situation and how we are trying to help them.


DRC now hosts 13,594 pre-registered refugees (5,287 families) of whom 12,695 have been registered biometrically. In addition, hundreds of other Burundian citizens have crossed into DRC but have refused to be officially registered as refugees and are not included in these figures.

Most of these refugees live in South Kivu Province. There are also 507 refugees in Katanga Province and 248 pre-registered refugees in Maniema. UNHCR plans to start biometric registration in these provinces as well.

On 28 July, Lusenda refugee site hosted 7,332 refugees (2,656 families). 5,907 refugees live in host families in the Ruzizi Plain and Fizi Territory; the others live in transit sites in Sange (36), Monge Monge (104) and Kamvivra (215).

Delocalisation is on hold due to budgetary constraints for the construction of shelters on the site. Negotiations are underway for partner RHA to build such shelters with CHF (Common Humanitarian Fund) funds.

Only 500 new people were registered after the presidential elections.

Registration of Burundian refugees from 2010 has begun and are estimated to represent around 9,000 people. UNHCR is reflecting on which approach to take to address the situation.

Key Figures

13,594: the number of Burundian refugees hosted in DRC.

7,332: the number of Burundian refugees living in UNHCR camps

500: the number of new refugees registered after presidential elections in Burundi

210: the number of children treated for severe malnutrition.

58: the number of unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) supported by ICRC and UNICEF.

230,000: the amount of US dollars allocated by the Central Emergency Response Fund for nutrition assistance in refugee areas.

Read the full report in English here:

Humanitarian Situation: DRC/Burundi Crisis 3 August 2015

Photo: UNICEF DRC/2013/Brett Morton


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