In Goma, we celebrated Peace at school

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on September 21.  This year, this great day was heartily celebrated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and more specifically, in North Kivu in the city of Goma and its surrounding areas.  As a Young Reporter, I actively participated in the celebration. 

I was with Jude Law, the famous British actor, when he went with a delegation from UNICEF to the camp for internally displaced persons in Mugunga 3, specifically to the School of Peace, where he celebrated this great day with the displaced children, who come from different parts of the province, and were raised at this school.

Jude Law asked the children what image they would use to represent peace. I was struck by the children’s ideas.  For example, the six-grader’s idea of a circle being drawn in which all the children would play together.

Jude Law and Sylvie Fouet, Deputy Representative of UNICEF, asked and responded to questions from the children on education and peace.  They also presented a poster created by Peace One Day and UNICEF, in partnership with the Education Division, which will be distributed in nearly all the schools in the country as an educational tool for peace.

My Young Reporter friend Richard and I interviewed Jude Law who shared his thoughts with us:  Story telling is my world.  As a famous actor, the story that I want to tell has the ability to reach the world. To be here in Goma, and to visit this school, has greatly touched me. I saw all the young intelligent and positive children.  They are the guardians of Congo’s future.  If this generation is united and positive, it will be an exceptionally powerful movement.  I am optimistic because it is in you young people that I see Peace in Congo. I want to tell the whole world, so that the world will have a positive impression of Congo and its people”.

We then interviewed Ms Sylvie Fouet, Deputy Representative of the UNICEF in the DRC, about the posters on Education for Peace.  Here’s what stands out for me: We launched this activity in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Peace One Day, in order to promote Education for Peace.  We distributed posters in almost all the primary schools so as to help the children to understand what they can do, beginning in their schools, to promote Peace during the entire school year.  Through our campaigns, we are also ensuring that all children, girls and boys, go to school, and we are supporting schools with school kits in order to assist parents in reducing school fees”.

We, the Young Reporters in Goma, were very motived by this Day of Peace.  We believe that it will not only be Peace One Day, but Peace forever, so that all the children in the DRC, and indeed throughout the whole world can study in lasting Peace. 

Photos: UNICEF RDC 2014 Kelvin Batumike

Translated from French by D. Phillips

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Carine a 18 ans et elle est Enfant Reporter de Goma. Elle est en 1ere avec une spécialisation en informatique. Passionnée de prise d’images et de rédaction d’histoires à caractère humain, Carine croit qu’à travers ces canaux elle pourra contribuer au respect des droits des enfants de la RDC en général et du Nord-kivu en particulier.

Carine is 18 years old and is a child reporter from Goma. She is in her sixth year of secondary education and is specialising in information technology. A keen photographer and writer of human interest stories, Carine believes that through these channels she will be able to contribute to the respect of children’s rights in the DRC in general and in North-Kivu in particular.

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