My 3 questions to the ICGLR National Coordinator

Romance will represent the Katanga Province at the Summit of Hope to be held in Bujumbura from 30 May to 1 June. She got the opportunity at the Preparatory National Forum held in Kinshasa to ask Baudouin Amuli, National Coordinator of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region the following 3 questions.

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Mr. National Coordinator, do you think that the Framework Agreement for Peace, Security and Cooperation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the region will be adhered to by the countries that have signed it?

The implementation of the Framework Agreement is a process that is overseen by two monitoring structures, each acting in its own capacity to ensure the implementation of the commitments

First, at the national level: the Democratic Republic of Congo is the most concerned as she seeks stability. Here the National Monitoring Mechanism which was under the direct supervision of Mr. François Mwamba, is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the commitments concerning the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At regional level, the implementation is followed by Her Excellency Mary Robinson, who has the responsibility to ensure that all signatory countries and organizations respect their commitment to implementing the actions that are required.

With this device, we therefore expect to see all countries respect the Framework Agreement. In practical terms, it has been several months since implementation of the framework. Several meetings of the regional technical committee helped to review the progress of the process and the  many visits by Mrs. Mary ROBINSON in the countries of the region has helped to encourage them to do more to advance more quickly.

I therefore hope that the Framework Agreement will be respected.

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End of April, 15 children aged 12 to 17 years old, selected by the 11 provinces of DRC gathered in Kinshasa to prepare for Bujumbura Peace Forum. Here on the set of The Voice of Children/ RTNC.

With regard to the restructuring of the security sector, do you plan to review the salaries of all these officers? This sometimes leads to security personal searching for other sources of income.

The improvement of living conditions of soldiers in general is a government priority. The Ministry of Defense has precisely the task of ensuring that the military works and works effectively.

Faced with the difficulties encountered in the past in operations against armed forces in the east of the DRC, the government has decided to review the payroll procedures of military pay and the organization of operational command.

With specific regard to payroll, banking salaries of state officials, including the army, has facilitated access for all payroll. And even military officers now have access to their wages on time in banks. The process will be generalized to the level of a simple soldier.

But for those who are in the field of operations, their salaries are paid and food ration is given to all and on time.

But due to budget constraints the government is unable to substantially increase pay for the military and its officers. As the control of public finances improves from day to day, there is reason to hope that the officers’ salaries will be increased.

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From 31 May until 01 June, children from the 11 countries which signed the Framework Agreement will meet in Bujumbura for a Forum where they will draw up their message to the Head of States.

In your view, the countries that have signed the Framework Agreement did so in goodwill or are there other motives?

They say between states it is only interests that count. Each country should assess the pros and cons of cooperation with another before committing to it. If there is no form of interest, no country can sign a cooperation agreement with another. This is also true for the Addis Ababa Framework Agreement. But interest here can be of different kinds. There are security interests. So you get involved in an agreement because its implementation gives you a safer population. There are also economic interests, where we sign an agreement since its implementation brings in more money to the economy and firms.

My impression is that the Framework Agreement is beneficiary to all signatories in that its success will ensure the overall stability of the entire region and will also strengthen regional trade, this being well in line with each countries best interest. The role of the regional and international organizations involved is that of promoting it, which fits naturally with the tasks assigned to them.


Photos: UNICEF RDC/2014 / Adrien Majourel

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Romance a 14 ans, elle habite Lumumbashi et elle représentera la Province du Katanga au Forum de l'espoir de Bujumbura fin Mai 2014.

Romance, 14 years old, lives in Lubumbashi and will represent Katanga Province at the Bujumbura Hope Forum, end of May 2014.

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  • Après notre retour du forum de l’espoir, chaqu’embassadeur prépare sa restitution au près des enfants au nom des quels ils sont allés au forum… Il leur a été attribué la tâche de revenir en tant que messager portant l’unique message qui est “LA PAIX”


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