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Eunice is the big winner among child reporters: one of her articles was awarded “best article of the year 2014”! On this occasion, Ponabana lets her express herself.

Thanks to everyone for making my article To educate a girl, is to educate a whole nation, the best of 2014. I want to take advantage of this expression of thanks to share my experience as a child reporter during 2014 and my objectives for 2015.

The year 2014 was filled with many activities, encounters, difficulties, but also many emotions. The adventures which I have been privileged to live are so numerous that I could not list them all, but I want to tell you about those that have been my favourite.

The first event which marked my year was the French-speaking women’s forum held in Kinshasa. My child reporter friends and I went to interview the participants in order to find out their opinions on the forum, to know whether they believed in change for girls’ education. These were well-known, powerful women, such as the president of the Women’s United Nations DRC or even the first lady of DRC who participated with me in the workshop “girls and education”, the source of my article to educate a girl is to educate a whole nation.

I was very surprised to find out that it was the most read article of 2014 and I thank all the internet readers: I hope to have brought something to your way of thinking about girls’ education and to have allowed more girls to attend school.

A few days after this forum, something amazing happened! Journalists from the TV5 Monde channel came to my school to film me and ask me questions about education. I became a star in class, it was fun!

In 2014, there was also the Forum of Hope in Bujumbara, which brought together several children from countries of the great lakes region, so that they too could contribute to peace in this region. I was chosen as representative for the children of DRC. During the selection process, I felt unbelievable stress, and when I was chosen, it was a great joy. Making a stopover in Kenya then arriving in Bujumbara and discovering these countries was amazing. I met children from Burundi, Sudan, Zambia, Uganda and South Africa. To this peace consolidation work, we brought our drawings, songs, and even a declaration which was read at the summit of the Heads of State of the great lakes region last July.

Back in Kinshasa, it was a bit difficult to take my exams because I had travelled during the revision period. Thankfully, I succeeded in them!

Even if there are often problems with transport and availability, it was a lovely year and I hope to experience new adventures in 2015, discover new horizons, continue making more advocacy programs to help. Many Congolese children are in poor living conditions especially in terms of access to healthcare services and I hope to be able to write about this or talk about what I am doing in my school so that my schoolmates can learn more about their rights.

I wish all internet readers and children of the world a great year and my best wishes of health and happiness.

Discover Eunice’s article awarded best article of the year by you, dearest internet readers :
To Educate a Girl is to Educate a Nation
Photo: UNICEF RDC 2014 Adrien Majourel

Translated from French by Anais Joseph.

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Ancienne Enfant Reporter de Kinshasa, Eunice a représenté à plusieurs reprises les enfants de la RDC et de l’Afrique Centrale lors de conférences internationales.

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