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Barbara Bentein


Barbara Bentein has been UNICEF Representative in DRC since 2011. She has worked for almost 30 years for UNICEF, advocating for the respect of the rights of children and a fairer world. Before DRC, she had been UNICEF Representative in Madagascar, Maurice and Comores and UNICEF Deputy Regional Director l’Unicef for Western and Central Africa.

Sylvie Fouet

UNICEF Deputy Representative Sylvie Fouet visits PEAR+ (Programme Elargi d?Assistance aux Retours) activities in the Matanda area of South Kivu. PEAR Plus provides an integrated package of assistance and capacity building to communities; local and state authorities in the sectors of Health, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation, Education and Child Protection.Sectorial specific activities include the following: School reconstruction, support to transparent and equitable structure management, teacher-training, support to parent/teacher associations, provision of education kits and didactic material. Restoration and development of sustainable access to safe water and healthy environment; rehabilitation of health centres, reinforcement of health staff and directors? capacities; provision of basic medical necessities; support to vaccination campaigns and community-based treatment for malnutrition as well as the identification and strengthening child protection networks and responses are all part of the Programme.   Accompanied by peacebuilding activities and interventions designed to improve social cohesion, emphasis is put on governance activities (linked to social service provision) and conflict risk reduction in order to keep the Programme relevant to the evolving context and consequent needs. Increased community participation and ownership, as well as a reinforcement of the social contract between community, local and state authorities are increasingly key outputs of PEAR+?s approach.   A more explicit relationship with UNICEF?s long term programming provides a clear exit strategy and guarantees a degree of sustainability in the medium term, whilst a closer alignment with UNICEF?s emergency response mechanisms and the integration of sectorial emergency preparedness helps improve community resilience to the impact of conflict.  In recognition of the fluid nature in the east, the objective is to develop a way of working which supports social and economic rehabilitation; reinforces community resilience and eases the transition to emergency assistance or longer term support.

Sylvie Fouet has been UNICEF Deputy Representative since 2011. She has been workinf for almost 20 years in international cooperation , of which 10 years with Unicef, supporting the respect of the rights of children and inclusive growth. Before DRC, she joined UNICEF Headquarters in New York, seconded to the European Union in Brussels. She also worked in Iraq, occupied Palestinian Territories, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. 

Ndiaga Seck

Profil bloggeur_Ndiaga Seck

Ndiaga Seck is a UNICEF Communications Specialist in Eastern DRC. He specializes in human and social studies, education and journalism. For the past eight years, he has worked with IRIN, OCHA, in West Africa. His leitmotiv: “A World fit for children is within reach. Let’s grab it!”

Brett Morton

March 15, 2013 Kionvu, Mwenga, South Kivu, DRC UNICEF RRMP partner AVSI carries out NFI Fair. Since late 2012, fighting between rebels of the Raia Mutomboki  and the Congolese Army (FARDC) has lead to the displacement of more than 6,000 families around the village of Ngando, South Kivu, DRC. With more than 2.6 million currently displaced across eastern DRC, the Rapid Response to Movements of Populations (RRMP) program ? co-lead by UNICEF and OCHA and implemented by 6 INGO partners - aims to assist the most vulnerable of those affected by displacement, return and/or natural disasters, such as those of Ngando.  From February - April 2013, 6 rapid needs assessments were conducted by RRMP partner AVSI in villages surrounding Ngando. Approximately 3,300 of the most vulnerable families were identified to receive support through a Non-Food Item (NFI) Fair carried out over the course of 5 days in May near Mwenga Center, where the majority of displaced from Ngando had settled with host families.  Providing essential household items and emergency shelter materials has been a core component of UNICEF and partners? relief programs for displaced, returning displaced and other disaster-affected populations since 2004. Building upon existing relief programs for emergency-affected populations which include a significant NFI component, UNICEF and partners created the cash-based voucher NFI fair approach to allow beneficiaries to select goods and supplies according to their own priorities, leading to improved efficiency in NFI assistance and as well as greater participation of affected populations.  Operating in essence as a local market, beneficiaries are given cash vouchers, which vendors can then redeem for cash following the closure of the fair. The participating households are free to choose the items which will serve them best, while the local economy is reinforced through the participation of local vendors. This ?Fair Approach? represented more than 50% of RRMP NFI distributions in 2012, and is scheduled to account for 60% in 2013.

Brett Morton is a Communications Consultant at UNICEF. As a photographer and designer, he has spent the last 6 years covering humanitarian emergency and development  activities in East and Central Africa; he believes that images will shape our future, but maintains that these images are not worth sacrificing humanity to obtain. His leitmotiv? “When we are no longer able to change a situation… we are challenged to change ourselves.” – V. Frankl

Sylvie Sona

Profil Sylvie

Sylvie SONA is a Communications Officer at UNICEF/DRC. She has a professional background as a journalist and very much enjoys writing. Documenting and children participation have become her speciality. According to her, it is essential to systematically report on successful experiences and to disseminate them in the media in order for the information to reach the general public. She also thinks that it is paramount to place children at the heart of each intervention. Her motto is: “Give a voice to children”. 

Adrien Majourel


Adrien Majourel is Communications Officer at UNICEF DRC and manager of Pona Bana. Specialized in International Relations and Journalism, he believes it is important to give children a voice as what they see often slips from adult’s grasp. l’importance de donner de la voix aux enfants car bien souvent ce qu’ils voient échappe à des yeux d’adultes. His leitmotiv ? « Children are luminous enigmas » Daniel Pennac

Angèle Bijanu


Angèle Bijanu Mpoyi is Knowledge Management Officer at UNICEF DRC. An economist by training, she also worked for UNDP in DRC in Kasai Oriental and North-Kivu provinces, first as a Programme Officer, then as an Expert in Monitoring and Evaluation. Passionate about change for social good, she advocates for equity and justice, mostly for the most vulnerable. 

Vanessa Wirth


Vanessa Wirth is a Child Protection Officer at UNICEF responsible for coordinating the Child Protection in Emergencies Working Group in Kinshasa. She specializes in Human Rights and strongly believes that protecting children’s rights is the best approach to tackling their vulnerabilities and guaranteeing a smooth transition to adulthood. Her leitmotiv? Never stop dreaming.

Eric-Alain Ategbo


Eric-Alain Ategbo has been Senior Nutrition Specialist at UNICEF in RDC sine June 2013. He has been working with UNCEF since 2003. Beofre DRC, he has worked as a Nutrition Specialist in India, Uganda and Niger. Before joining UNICEF, Eric-Alain Ategbo was a teacher and researcher in the National University in Benin and has published several scientific publications on nutrition.

Violeta Cojocaru


Violeta Cojocaru has been the Head of Communications for Development (C4D) at UNICEF DRC since 2012. She has a 14-year experience at UNICEF, in DRC, Niger and Moldavia, and worked for 13 years in written and electronic media. She believes that to stimulate a positive sustainable development, communication and community and family capacity-buildingmust be a priority. This will increase the impact of our actions.

Anne-Cecile Vialle

Profil bloggeur_Anne-Cecile Vialle2

Anne-Cecile Vialle is responsible for Quality Control at UNICEF DRC. She travels the country supporting field offices in the implementation of programmes, helping management increase the efficiency and effectiveness of internal work procedures and ultimately optimizing the quality and sustainability of UNICEF’s impact on women and children in the DRC. Her leitmotiv: There are always more solutions than problems! 

Felicien Molima

Profil bloggeur_Felicien Molima

Félicien has been Plannning and Cohesion Specialist at UNICEF Eastern DRC Zone Office in Goma since 2013. He has worked with UNICEF in DRC since 2001, as a Health Manager in Kisangani Office (6 years), Head of Kananga Office (2 years) and Head of North-Kivu Maniema Office (3 years) in Goma. He likes to go on visits in the field to learn on implementing partners as well as on beneficiaries and their context. 

Blanqui Ntambwe Kabongo

Profil bloggeur_Blanqui Ntambwe Kabongoweb

Blanqui Ntambwe Kabongo is Education and Peace Consolidation Programme Officer at UNICEF DRC. For 8 years, he has been working in Education, at the Ministry of Eduaction of the DRC and UNICEF. He believes that giving equitable access to quality primary education to children is an efficient strategy to build sustainable peace. His leitmotiv : “There is no bigger challenge, and no more noble cause than the protection of education” !!!! (M. Gordon Brown).

Bibiane Ambongo

Bibiane Ambongo

Bibiane Ambongo is a Communications Specialist at UNICEF Kinshasa, where she has worked for many years. She is particularly concerned with presenting the DRC as a country which is moving forward and finding its feet. And if children are at the heart of it all, they just have to be taken by the hand so they can reveal their talents. And Heaven knows, they have plenty! 

Cornelia Walther

Profil bloggeur_Cornelia Walther

Cornelia Walther was the Head of the UNICEF DRC InfoCom Team since August 2014. She has worked for the last 12 years with UNICEF in West Africa and in Asia and is convinced that participation lies at the heart of communication. Her creed is: ‘We must become the change we want to see’ – Gandhi.

Silene Martino Almeras

Profil bloggeur_Silene Martino Almeras

Silene Martino-Almeras is Reporting & Budget Officer for UNICEF’s Child Survival Program in the DRC.  She has worked for 4 years in Kinshasa. Passionate about community dynamics, she believes in the decisive role of children and young people for transforming their society. Her credo is: ‘Do what you can within your power.’

Justine Mounet

UNICEF RDC 2014 Formation Bunyakiri_Justine Mounet

Justine Mounet is Communications Officer at UNICEF in DRC. She believes that advocacy and participation are key to realizing the rights of all. She has engaged with children because as she believes they are to change. Her leitmotiv? There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path.

Modestine Amboko


 Modestine Amboko is Communication for Development Officer in UNICEF’s provincial office for Equateur, in Mbandaka. She took part in the response to Ebola virus.

Flavien Mulumba

Flavien Mulumba

Flavien Mulumba has worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for 2 years at the UNICEF office in Kinshasa. He believes firmly that investing in children’s futures and allocating resources to protect their rights is creating a better world for tomorrow.


Emmanuel Tshibangu


Emmanuel Tshibangu is Education Programme Officer at UNICEF DRC in Bukavu, South Kivu. He has spent the last for years working on education in humanitarian crisis situations as well as developmental activities in border regions of the DRC with the CAR, South Sudan and Uganda. He believes that education remains the best response for protecting children and preparing them for the future. His motto is “Be kind to everyone and mean to no one”.

Yoon Jeong Na


Yoon Jeong Na is the Education Reporting Officer of UNICEF in the DRC. By working with colleagues at the national and provincial levels, and doing regular field visits, she makes sure that the documentation on the situation and needs of children in the DRC are communicated and submitted on time. Moved by the resilience of children event in the most drastic situations, she believes that children have an important role to play and must be heard.

Yves Willemot

yves terrain 03Yves Willemot is Head of the UNICEF DRC InfoCom Team. He has been part of the large UNICEF team for a long time now since after being their regional communication advisor for the West Africa and Central Africa in Dakar, he led UNICEF Belgium for 7 years.More than antything, he believes that the most important is to “be together for the children”.

Rafael Cabanillas

_51A3599-2 (2)Rafael Cabanillas is the coordinator in charge of the Capoeira4Peace pilot project in Goma. Sharing with kids through this project in a respectful and friendly state of mind is one of the best experience he had the chance to live. His vision of peace : “Peace is not a onetime act but a full commitment to work towards it every day of our lives in every aspect of them”.

Articles published reflect their writer’s opinion, UNICEF cannot be held responsible for them.

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