Peace One Day, Hope on the Horizon

 March 18, 2014 – Melissa Kasoki sings “The Cure of Troy” in Goma

After the Amani festival which brought together thousands of people for three days to sing and dance for peace, Goma will again have a great event September 21, 2014 organized by Peace One Day; a grand concert celebrating International Day of Peace.

According to Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day, who was speaking at the press conference to launch the event, “The objective of the project Peace One Day in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Great Lakes region is to encourage all parties to unite in the name of peace on September 21st.”

Melissa Kasoki- a girl filled with talent

Before giving the floor to Akon to affirm his participation in this grand event, Jeremy Gilley presented Melissa Kasoki, age 15, a talented musical artist from Goma known for being a part of the group of artist-ambassadors from the “Back to School” campaign which is organized annually by Human Rights Watch in the East of the DRCongo with UNICEF’s support.

At the microphone, accompanied by a young guitarist, Melissa wowed the entire room by singing the poem “The Cure of Troy,” a text that she received a few hours before the press conference.

Aspiring reporters

The youth reporters always present at activities promoting child rights did not miss this event. Eight youth reporters from Goma were present at the press conference side-by-side with media professionals and had the opportunity to ask two questions to UNICEF and the Minister of Education. These aspiring reporters will contribute to the September 21st event by writing articles and developing audiovisual pieces.

“There is a great beacon of hope; the fact that UNICEF with the Ministry of Education are working on peace in schools with youth, it’s the key to the future. To celebrate this event we will launch a distribution campaign for this poster promoting peace in 45,000 schools in the DRC,” declared Barbara Bentein, the UNICEF representative in the DRC, into Richard Miviri’s microphone, a youth reporter from Goma.


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Photos: Kelvin Batumike

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Kelvin Batumike

Ancien Enfant Reporter et passionné par la défense des droits des enfants,Kelvin Batumike s'est donné pour mission de promouvoir les talents des jeunes afin de leur permettre de prendre leurs responsabilités pour le développement du pays.

Former Child Reporter and avocating for children’s rights since a very young age , Kelvin Batumike has taken it upon himself to promote young people and their talents so as to enable them to assume their responsibilities for the development of the DR Congo.

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