Unite in the fight against an invisible enemy: poliomyelitis in the DRC

poliomyelitis in the DRC

Poliomyelitis in the DRC

NEWSUNICEF mobilizes alongside local communities and government to protect children against polio virus in the DRC.

A war against poliomyelitis in the DRC

In support to the government-led immunization campaign, UNICEF has deployed massive and unprecedented human and material resources.

We are at war against an invisible enemy: the poliomyelitis virus. It cannot be seen but it poses a serious threat to all our children and to the future of our country”, said Dr. André Kasogo, UNICEF Immunization Specialist, at the launching of the training sessions of independent monitors.

276,000 children under 5 to be vaccinated!

Find out in picture the campaign to fight back polio in the DRC

Our fight

More info about polio in the DRC :

Special thanks to Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationUSAID and Rotary International, major donors of UNICEF DRC’s immunization programmes.

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Djaounsede Madjiangar

Djaounsede Madjiangar est un Spécialiste de la Communication de l'UNICEF pour la RDC, basé à Goma. Il est convaincu que pour une vie harmonieuse dans la société, chaque enfant doit être élevé dans un esprit de paix, de dignité, de tolérance, de liberté, d’égalité, et de solidarité.

Djaounsede Madjiangarstrong is a UNICEF Communication Specialist for Eastern DRC, based in Goma. He believes that for a harmonious life in a society, every child should be raised in peace, dignity, tolerance, equality and solidarity.

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