Prenatal sessions can save the lives of mother and child

prenatal sessions in DRC

A pregnant woman attending to a prenatal session (Photo: UNICEF DRC Dubourthoumieu)

The rate of women dying while giving birth in the Democratic Republic of Congo is 846 per 100,000. To address this reality, a number of awareness training sessions are being held to encourage women to get prenatal attention during their pregnancy. No women should die from giving birth.

During the course of the prenatal sessions, a women is followed from conception to delivery. Because of the advice received during these sessions, women are better equipped to prepare for delivery.

“I attend the prenatal sessions regularly to make sure that my baby and I are in good health. During these sessions, we get practical advice on the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy and for the newborn, on breastfeeding, on the growth stages of the baby,  vaccinations, vitamins and medication”, reported Amisa, who attended a Biopharm prenatal session in Bukavu, capital of South Kivu Province.

Masheka Migabo, who is in charge of maternal care, is proud to say that the number of prenatal consultations has increased in the last few years. She would like all pregnant women in her community attend the consultations. “Moms now know that babies should no longer be delivered at home because of the health risks to the mother and child. Many maternal and child deaths occur because of the lack of care and follow-up. We ask all women not to handle labour pains at home. They should come to the hospital with their delivery kits as soon as labour pains begin.”

Most mother and newborn deaths can be prevented. All women need to do is attend prenatal sessions regularly, as it is at these sessions that women receive follow-up and advice on childbirth.

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