Red Alert

We, the Young Reporters of the Democratic Republic of Congo, announce a red alert against one of the largest assassins in Africa. In our country, it kills one child every six minutes!* In the time it takes to read this alert, another one of us will be killed.

Skinny, with a very long nose, it is fast, skillful, crafty and very dangerous. It comes when you’re least expecting it, when we’re sleeping to inject us with this deadly substance.

If you see it, do not let it approach because this wrongdoer is the most researched in Africa. This criminal, you will see, is a mosquito. But rest assured, because we know the ways to fight it. United with everyone’s involvement, we can begin to stop it’s damage.


By using mosquito nets made with insecticide, we can prevent them for biting us. By purifying our environment, we can stop their kind from reproducing.

Now that you are warned, will you let them continue to recklessly kill among us?

*MICS 2010

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Carmel a 15 ans et il est enfant reporter de Kinshasa. Cycliste et constructeur de robot, il aime le football et Cristiano Ronaldo. Sa devise? "Malgré les tempêtes, il faut aller de l'avant".

Carmel is 15 years old and is a child reporter from Kinshasa. Carmel is a cyclist, builds robots and likes football and Cristiano Ronaldo. His motto is: ‘Despite the storms, one must move on.’

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