Safe Drinking Water is Essential to Good Health

My advocacy for safe drinking water in GomaYOUNG REPORTERAccess to safe drinking water matters to me. I interviewed Furaha, age 10, in Goma in the province of North Kivu, on water issues affecting children in our city.

Unsafe water is a significant carrier of diseases such as trachoma, typhoid fever, cholera, and schistosomiasis. Access to clean water is especially important for children, even beyond beyond the fact that it can make them sick. In remote areas of the city, responsibility for the transport of water, often over long distances, rests primarily with children.

Furaha spends hours fetching safe drinking water

Furaha talks about the situation she experiences personally: “My friends and I have to travel very far to find water and very often the water we find is not really safe.”

The drinking water supplies in some areas of the city of Goma are expensive for its inhabitants. In order to remedy this serious deficiency, they are forced to use water from the lake, without realizing that it is dangerous ; especially because waste are often thrown away there.

Furaha explains this upsetting situation: “There are drinking water supply points but the water is too expensive for our parents. This is why we go to the lake: it is better than nothing. But over time, we realize that this water is causing disease.”

Safe drinking water is a right for every child

Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child states that access to clean water is a right for children. Furaha would like the provincial authorities to ensure access to safe drinking water free of charge for the entire population.

Children, the hope of tomorrow, should not die for lack of safe water.

On behalf of the junior reporters of Goma, I ask the national and provincial authorities to:

* Reduce by half the percentage of people without permanent access to safe drinking water

* Install widely distributed public taps so children no longer have to make long journeys for safe drinking water


Photo: UNICEF RDC 2014 Kim A Thomas.

Translated from French by Lori Sanders.

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Laetitia a 14 ans et elle est enfant reporter de la ville de Goma ainsi que présidente de la commission Education Jeux Culture et Loisirs du Parlement d'enfants. Défendre les droits de ses semblables est l'une de ses plus grandes passions. Plus tard, Laetitia aimerait devenir une grande journaliste sans s'écarter du domaine de la défense des droits des enfants pour changer le monde. Son credo: « L'enfance congolaise est une arme de construction massive »

Laetitia is 14 and a young reporter from Goma, as well as Chair of the Committee for Education, Games, Culture and Entertainment in the Children's Parliament. Defending the rights of her peers is one of her greatest passions. When she is older, Laetitia would like to become a great journalist, maintaining her dedication to the defense of children's rights to change the world. Her credo: "Congolese children are a weapon of mass construction."

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  • L’eau potable est la ressource la plus importante sur cette terre. Pourtant, il y a tant de personnes dans le monde qui n’ont pas accès à l’eau. Je pense que les puits sont une bonne alternative pour fournir de l’eau aux gens.


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