A School Without Water = Sick Students

My name is Rebecca and I am 17 years old. I am a young reporter from Kinshasa and I attend the Kasa Vubu Technical and Vocational High School (LTPK). For my first article, I would like to talk about our school’s water and toilet problems.

Photo0811There was no water in our school. We had no drinking water or water with which to wash our hands or use the toilets. We had to bring money to buy water; we often ate without washing our hands. The girls and boys shared a bathroom, it was weird.

Thanks to the training we received as part of the “Child Participation and young Reporters” program, my fellow young reporters and I met with the other students in our school to address these problems, including the lack of water and poor state of the bathrooms.


Recognizing that these conditions increased our risk of catching diseases, we brought our concerns to the Headmistress in an effort to uphold our right to health under Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Having pledged to find a solution, the Headmistress set to work: a tap was installed in the school so that water now flows freely, the toilets were fixed and separate facilities were arranged for the girls and boys, and washbasins were placed nearby so we could wash our hands after using the facilities.

Buckets of water with liquid soap were placed outside so we could wash our hands. We are all pleased.


We are proud to be young reporters and would like to thank the Headmistress.

Discover the work of UNICEF and its partner to improve access to water and sanitation in the Democratic Republic of Congo: here.

Photo: UNICEF DRC 2013 Kim A Thomas.

Translated from French by Jennifer Smithson.

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Rebecca a 17 ans et est enfant reporter à Kinshasa, où elle est lycéenne. Elle étudie en section commerciale et administrative et dans la vie, elle veut devenir ingénieur en gestion informatique. Rebecca aime le cinéma et la prière. Son credo, c’est « la vie appartient aux courageux ».

Rebecca is 17 years old and a child reporter in Kinshasa, where she attends high school. She studies Business and Administration and wants to become an IT management engineer. Rebecca likes movies and prayer. Her motto is "Life belongs to the brave."

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