Sifa dreams of going to school

“In my neighbourhood children of our age leave for school, but we stay home”, that’s what Sifa, 8 years old and living a few meters away from my house explained me. “My little brother and I never knew our father ; Mom leaves house around 6 in the morning and comes back exhausted at night”, she confessed. Sifa and her little brother don’t see their mother often. She also explained that they never knew their father and they don’t have time to share with their mother.

As a single mother Sifa’s mom works a lot to ensure their survival, Sifa confessed me that their hardly eat and they have to walk avenue by avenue to find food. When her mother goes to work Sifa and her brother wander around the street, looking for something to eat.

The situation of Sifa and her little brother isn’t a rare situation. A lot of children only have one parent remaining, the other one being absent. In most cases those families only survive, they can barely eat and children don’t go to school.

Parents can’t run away from their responsabilities toward their children. The 18th article from the Convention on the Rights of the Child says that both parents share responsibility for bringing up their children, and should always consider what is best for each child. When a parent abandon his child, it can have consequences on different aspects of his life just like we saw with Sifa’s story.

We have to ensure the supervisory of children to promote the future of the Republic Democratic of Congo. Government need to start mechanism to help the most vulnerables children. Every child must go to school and be able to eat as much as he needs no matter what his family situation is. Sifa dreams to go to school just like any other child of her age. She can’t go only because her mother can’t pay the fees on her own she can’t register and start her schooling.

We can’t give up on our youth

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Written by Gloris, Young Reporter from the Ituri Province

Translated from French by Manon Derlyn

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