The humanitarian situation in DRC (september-october 2017)

Level 3 emergency response

Children from the Kalunga IDP camp, near Kalemie (UNICEF DRC 2017 Dubourthoumieu)

HUMANITARIAN SITUATIONLatest updates about the humanitarian situation in the DRC. Find the political, humanitarian and security highlights and the latest key figures and actions taken by UNICEF and its partners.


Sporadic conflicts between the FARDC and the Armed Groups / militias continued in various parts of the DRC, especially in the Eastern Regions.

20 October, 2017, the Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) declared system wide Level 3 emergency response (L3) in the Kasai Region, Tanganyika and South Kivu Provinces where there is capacity gap and rapid increase in humanitarian needs in the DRC. . This followed the declaration of Level 3 emergency by six UN agencies – UNICEF, OCHA, FAO, UNFAP, UNHCR and WFP, in some or all of these three locations in the DRC.

26 October, 2017, representatives of the security council of the African union visited Kananga, Kasai Province to assess on-going humanitarian response in the region.

Situation in numbers

3,900,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) country-wide (OCHA Sept 2017)

475,019 refugees in DRC (UNHCR July 2017)

38,405 cases of cholera cases since January 2017 (Ministry of Health)

7.7 million people require food assistance (IPC, June 2017)

UNICEF Appeal 2017 US$ 165 million and 32.2% of required funds available

Full report : Level 3 emergency response

UNICEF DR Congo Humanitarian Situation Report, September – October 2017

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Yves Willemot

Yves Willemot est le chef de l’Équipe InfoCom de l’UNICEF RDC. Plus que tout, ce qui est important pour lui c'est d'être "tous ensemble pour les enfants".

Yves Willemot is Head of the UNICEF DRC InfoCom Team. More than anything, he believes that the most important is to "be together for the children".

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