United Nations Youth Volunteers in DRC, an example to follow?

United Nations Youth Volunteers in DRC, an example to follow?

Kinshasa, Tuesday 25 August 2015  It’s a slightly particular week here in Kinshasa because from 24 to 28 August, the UNICEF DRC Office is hosting a Pre-Deployment Preparation Training course for its nine United Nations young volunteers who are about to begin their activities in ten of the eleven former provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Their main mission? To evaluate and report back on the impact of UNICEF programmes throughout the whole country.

Who are United Nations Youth Volunteers (UNYVs)?

The more general United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Programme was established quite a while back, in 1971. But the Programme’s “Youth” component was only recently conceived, in 2012, with the aim of truly valorising the role of youth throughout UNV Programme activities.

The UNV Programme allows young professionals, often recently graduated, to acquire or enhance their experience in the field of international development within various United Nations agencies, but also to promote volunteering in this area so as to support peace and development.

Volunteering is often associated with international aid, a characteristic of which is solidarity between and toward the numerous stakeholders in the area. United Nations Youth Volunteers (UNYVs) play a vital role in promoting volunteering, thanks in part to their determination and enthusiasm.

During his opening speech on Monday 24 August, Mr. Alfredo Teixeira, Deputy Country Director for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) stated that the various ways in which volunteering is expressed “originate from the desire to contribute to the common good” and that “the commitments we make influence our lives and, even more importantly, those of the people […] with whom we are brought to work with.”

Alfredo Teixeira, Director of UNDP in DRC, opening the week of training given to the young volunteers

Alfredo Teixeira, Deputy Country Director for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) during his opening speech on the first day of the Training course

A pilot project in terms of decentralising the monitoring and evaluation of United Nations programmes

The UNYV Programme is the first of its kind because it concerns, over practically the entirety of Congolese territory, nine young international professionals who, located at a provincial level, each carry out decentralised monitoring of UNICEF Health and Education programmes (in light of the Improved Monitoring for Action mechanism – MAA) and offer widespread support to UNICEF teams in the field.

The stake is twofold in that UNICEF will benefit from the flow of information right to its central point in Kinshasa and the UNYVs will benefit from the activities by reinforcing their monitoring and evaluation skills.

In the long run, this model of the Programme could be reproduced in other countries that could benefit from decentralised monitoring and evaluation of field activities, often owing to significant geographical space as it is the case for DRC.

Young professionals in the field to report back to Kinshasa on UNICEF activities in DRC

The UNYVs, individually deployed to each of the country’s provinces with the exception of Maniema Province, will monitor and evaluate UNICEF’s programmes in these provinces. UNYVs are therefore intermediary agents between the implementation of activities and future efforts to improve these same activities.

It is essentially a way of measuring progress and correcting mistakes so as to guarantee the quality of United Nations programmes by amending action plans or compensating for voids left by national mechanisms, in terms of data for example.

UNYVs represent strong added value for UNICEF because they are physically present in the field of programme implementation which allows for direct contact with relevant actors, key in terms of maximisation of the efficiency of these youth’s actions.

The Pre-Deployment Preparation Training course

Over the five days of the Training course, the UNYVs, most of whom have only just been recruited, will be sensitised as to their commitment as volunteers and as to their role as monitoring and evaluation officers in their respective provinces.

Jointly organised by UNICEF, UNDP and the UNV Programme (including one UNV and one UNYV), the UNYVs will attend theoretical lectures, carry out group work and receive feedback from current and former volunteers.

The Training will be delivered by speakers from various United Nations bodies such as UNICEF, UNDP and MONUSCO with the aim of providing the young professionals with a solid overview of actions that are taking place in DRC.

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Axelle Fidelin, who is in charge of coordinating the UNYVs from DRC’s capital, Kinshasa, emphasised the particularity of the programme in that “it allows a group of nine youth from different backgrounds to get a first taste of work in the “field” and to develop their programme monitoring skills in a proactive way.”

For more information, visit http://www.unv.org or contact:
Axelle Fidelin, UN Youth Volunteer Coordinator in DRC, [email protected], +243817069969

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Translated from French by Eleanor Hac
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