Talking about vaccination on the radio to spread awareness

During a monitoring visit to the projects set up in Kiwala village in Haut-Katanga province, I took part in a meeting of the listeners’ club.  Discover the story of Marie, who regrets not having had her children vaccinated sooner.

“I regretted not having my children fully vaccinated earlier.”

Marie, 37, lives in Kiwala village.  Mother to two children, she attests to the importance of vaccination for the health of her children.

“My two children, aged 4 and 8, had never received the BCG or measles vaccinations.  I listened to the advice of my neighbours, followers of the Kitawala movement, who dissuaded me and told me to refuse vaccination for my children. My children were always getting ill and having to stay in health clinics.  I didn’t know that it was because of that but it cost me a lot of money in medical care.

A few months ago, I was watching the awareness-raising adverts and programmes on the importance of vaccination on radio Luapala.  I was also visited 4 times by the president of the coordinating unit of my health area: he spoke to me about the benefits to my children’s health of sticking to the vaccination schedule. Now I know that it is important to fully vaccinate your child.  When I learned this information, I understood lots of things and regretted not having had my children fully vaccinated earlier.”

Vaccinate to enable children to grow up healthily

According to the registered nurse for the health area in which Marie lives, parents are coming in large numbers to have their children vaccinated.

“We’ve welcomed many women who have come to have their children vaccinated.  These parents tell us that they are hearing the awareness-raising messages through radio programmes as well as the door-to-door campaigns carried out by members of the Community Coordinating Units.”

It is important to help towards making the behavioural changes that will ensure children are fully vaccinated.  Previously, the community representatives alone bridged the gap between parents and the health system. Today, all members of the Community Coordinating Units are engaged in promoting essential family habits.  During listeners’ clubs or radio programmes, they are able to convince parents to complete their children’s vaccination schedules.

More info about vaccination:

Translated from French by Julia Bayton

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Bonane Bugeso

Bonane Bugeso est le coordonnateur du REMED dans le Province du Haut-Katanga.

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