We would like to pay tribute to all of the volunteers who have chosen to help us in the creation and management of this blog. A big thank you to all for your time and enthusiasm!

If you have a talent, ideas or time to help improve Pona Bana, don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected].

For translation, thanks to:

Jennifer Smithson, Anais Joseph, Holly-Anne Whyte, Peter Vilane, Michelle Johnson, Victoria Steele, Molly Ashby, Kimberly Peven, Tahirah Charles, Janet Waiyaki, Kelly Lugbill, Daphne Wood, Thomas Shipley, Talei Lakeland, Garen Gent-Randall, Sara Niemann, Sylvain Paslier, François Bouté, Nathalie Yakovleff, Hélène Lafleur and Anaïs Belaud.

For illustration, thanks to:

Carole Perret, Max LewkoFati Kabuika of BD Kin Label and Winnie de Schaetzen

All of our volunteers were recruited through the excellent website www.onlinevolunteering.org. Don’t hesitate to sign up there if you would like to become an online volunteer! 


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