Without Water, There is No Life

YOUNG REPORTER  My name is Glodi, I’m 15 years old and I’m a young reporter from Kinshasa. For my first article, I want to talk to you about access to drinking water.

Half of Congolese families, 37 million Congolese people, don’t have access to drinking water. As for the world, 1,8 million children die each year before their 5th birthday due to a lack of drinking water, which makes them susceptible to waterborne diseases.

When going out into the field in the Biyela health zone, my friends and I noticed that there were children suffering in order to gain access to drinking water.

There are children who have to travel long distances, children who carry large buckets of water, children who have to pump water;

As a result, these children can get sick or arrive to school late, hindering their development.

Do you think it’s normal to give a child one right by denying him another one?

By giving a child access to drinking water, but making him walk far away to get it, he runs the risk of missing school to go collect the water, thus damaging his right to education.

The government has installed water points through its “Healthy School and Villages” program and we want this program to continue throughout the urban regions, peri-urban regions and even in the most remote areas of the country such as the forest where the pygmies live.

Because every child has the right to water in order to remain healthy, no matter their gender, location, income, etc.

Article 24 of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child stipulates that each child has the right to enjoy good health and good nutrition.
Because, it’s said, water is life and we can’t live without water.

As we say in my language, Lingala, mayi eza kitoko.

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Glodi a 14 ans et est enfant reporter de Kinshasa. Il étudie la pédagogie parce qu'apprendre aux personnes qui sont ignorantes est le plus noble des métiers. Glodi est passionné de football, et surtout de Lionel Messi. Son rêve pour le futur est qu'au moins 99% des enfants aillent à l'école et qu'il n'y ait aucune discrimination entre filles et garçons, pour que le Congo se développe et que les enfants aient un avenir radieux.

Glodi is 14 and he's a young reporter in Kinshasa. He's studying Education because teaching people who are ignorant is such an honourable profession. Glodi is passionate about football, and especially Lionel Messi. His dream for the future would be for 99% of children to be able to go to school and for there to be no discrimination between girls and boys, so that Congo can develop and offer a bright future for its children.

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