Women agents for peace

We, the Kinshasa Young Reporters team, produced this report to inform you about the World Forum for Francophone Women which was held on Monday, 3 March, 2014.

The day was rigorously organized as were present the President Joseph Kabila and his wife Olive Lembe di Sita, the French Minister for Francophonie Yamina Benguigui, and representatives from several African states, such as the Central African President Catherine Samba Panza.

Among the interviews we undertook, we spoke with Yamina Benguigui, who said “in some of the most isolated regions of the Congo, and particularly in the East, there are women whose safety is not secure”. She also pointed out that when daughter and mother are raped by soldiers and armed groups, they are subsequently traumatised and rejected by their communities. However, Yamina also told me that at the moment they were attending the opening ceremony, and that decisions would soon be taken so that women could have peace in society.

In my view, women want their rights to be respected but must first know what their rights are. To achieve this women need to understand their context and have their awareness raised.

Peace does not just happen but is called for. The question I ask is – who should call for this peace?

First and foremost women themselves of course! They should be agents for peace in their society. They should raise their children in peace and try to discourage dispute among men.

Then men. They must understand that women are important in society and can help peace flourish.

Thanks to this peace, men and women will be equal and the question of superiority between men and women will no longer be relevant.

Dessin Miradi 2

Drawings by Miradi

To view all the interviews conducted by the child reporter team during the World Forum for French-speaking Women go to:


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Passionné de dessin, Miradi a 13 ans et étudie au Collège Saint Joseph à Kinshasa. Plus tard, il voudrait être archéologue ou chercheur scientifique. Pour lui, être enfant reporter “c’est avant tout défendre les droits des autres enfants”.

Passionate about drawing, Miradi, 13 years old, is studying at Saint Joseph High School in Kinshasa. In the future, he would like to be an archaeologist or research scientist. To him, being a child reporter ‘is above all defending the rights of other children’.

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