Young Reporters of Katanga Appeal against the Use of Child Soldiers

On this day, 12 February 2014, we, the Young Reporters of Katanga Province, are sending a strong message to the Government, those who are responsible for children and everyone who reads this article; Congolese children, the country’s future, are enrolled with armed groups and forces and this is extremely harmful for our country.

These children have no rights and cannot flourish as every child should.  Sooner or later, this will impact their psychological well-being and tomorrow’s society will be affected.

Because the future DRC depends on all children:

– we urge the Congolese government to fight against customs so that all child recruits can be reintegrated into society;

– we urge parents to protect their children and do everything possible to prevent armed groups from recruiting them;

– we urge all traditional chiefs, religious leaders and commandants of armed groups to ensure that all child recruits return to their homes and villages;

– we urge UNICEF to continue backing the Government and supporting children so that they may return to their families.

There has been a time for mourning and we, the Young Reporters of Katanga Province, now wish for this day lead to happiness.  We want children everywhere, who hear and read our message, to know that we will continue to work hard for their rights to be respected!

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Bora a 14 ans et elle est enfant reporter à Lubumbashi. Plus tard elle veut être criminologue. Aujourd’hui elle s’attache à rassembler les enfants reporters de toutes les provinces pour que leur voix résonne jusqu’au bout du monde!

Bora is 14 years old and is a child reporter in Lubumbashi. In the future she would like to be a criminologist. Today, she is trying hard to bring together child reporters from all the provinces so that their voices will be heard in the far corners of the world!

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