Everyone can do something to help fight Ebola in DRC

fight Ebola in DRCMy name is Simplice, I am 18 years old and I live in Mbandaka, capital of the Equateur Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I’m here today to talk about something that has disrupted our daily life: EBOLA. Since May 8, 2018, we are facing an Ebola outbreak. When I heard the news on the radio around 6 pm that day, I felt hijacked. I was scared because it’s was happening right next to Mbandaka… There’s only about a hundred kilometers between my house and Bikoro, the epicenter of the epidemic.

Everyone can do something to help fight Ebola. If each person talks about prevention methods to another person, and that person sensitizes another person in turn, everyone will know what to do!

Discover how!

UNICEF’s response to the Ebola epidemic

Children continue to be at risk and are affected by the Ebola epidemic that is currently occurring in the DRC, which makes it essential that their health and well-being be prioritised in the response. UNICEF focuses on community-based communication to protect populations from the disease, delivering water, hygiene and sanitation in order to prevent the propagation of the disease, and providing psychosocial support to affected persons and their families.

UNICEF is appealing for USD 11.5 million to respond to the Ebola outbreak in DRC. The total UNICEF requirement of is currently funded up to USD 8.7 million thanks to the World Bank Pandemic Emergency Facility, USAID, CERF, the Mercury Fund, CIDA, GAVI and the national committees for UNICEF.

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Enfants reporters Mbandaka

Suite à leur initiation à l'écriture de blogs, les enfants reporters de Mbandaka vous proposent leurs premiers articles.

After a blog writing workshop, the young reporters of Mbandaka are pleased to share their first papers.

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