From childhood to youth, the fight is the same

Nathan and Nicolas

Several years ago, we had been trained on children’s rights and introduced to participation and advocacy techniques. To ensure that each child lives in a protective and supportive environment, we petitioned with decision makers, raised awareness among the community members on the child’s wellbeing, and participated in workshops and conferences to make the children’s voice heard.

Our ultimate objective was to see all the children actually enjoy all their rights.  Since we have reached the majority, we continue to pursue the same goal but with different means: we became Young Coaches. This way, we accompany our juniors, defenders of children’s rights, so that they avoid a number of pitfalls as we experienced ourselves.

For this reason, we were invited to “Africa Youth Conference”, held in Nairobi, Kenya from 23 to 25 October. This conference, which aims to prioritize investments for young people in Africa, will join together African and international youth. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas, experiences, and approaches to meet the challenges of youth in Africa.

This conference is the opportunity for us to pursue our goal at the national, regional, and international levels. We will be able to share our experience while listening attentively to the success of our friends in other countries. When we return to the Democratic Republic of Congo, we intend to share these experiences with all the children and young actors involved in order to improve our actions in the field.

We will continue to be involved in any approach that will aim at the emergence of an Africa and a world favorable to the development and thrive of children and young people.

For the sake of each child, we will continue to speak and act!

Article written by Nathan and Nicolas. Before reaching the majority, Nathan was a Child Reporter and Nicolas was involved in the Committee of Children at the local, municipal, and provincial level.

Translated from French by Dorsaf James

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Nathan a 15 ans et il est au Collège Notre Dame du Congo à Kinshasa. Passionné de football, il joue milieu pour “organiser le jeu”. Plus tard, il veut être un avocat reconnu et travailler pour la Cour Pénale Internationale. Sa devise: “Que tous nous soyons un!”

Nathan is 15 years old. He studies at Collège Notre Dame du Congo in Kinshasa. passionate about football, he plays middle to "organize the game". He wants to become a renowned lawyer and work for the International Criminal Court. His watchword: “That we all are one”.

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