For the future, children should come first

First team of Young Reporters in Haut-Uélé

First team of Young Reporters in Haut-Uélé (UNICEF DRC Ramazani)

NEWSWe are the very first team of Young Reporters in the history of the Haut-Uélé, our province. Would you like to know more about our training, our impressions and our aims in promoting children’s rights? The answer is in this article.

Four days of training

Everything started on Thursday 09 November 2017 in Isiro, the capital of the Province of Haut-Uélé, in the north of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We were more than 70 children from various social classes who took part in the introductory training course.

4 days of training in Isiro (UNICEF DRC Ramazani)

Finally, after 4 days of training, 20 of us were selected to become Young Reporters. We are familiar with our rights and with the advocacy and interview techniques.

All children have the same rights

During our training we realised for the first time that all children had the same rights. Voto, who is 10 years old and deaf mute, is a sixth grade primary school pupil. He was trained with us. Thanks to a trainer who accompanies him, we communicated with him easily. It was impressive to watch him during the training!

At school, we were never really told specifically about our various rights. We lived in ignorance, but now we have to inform others about their rights.

Djibri, who is 14 years old, has identified a certain number of violations of children’s rights in our Province: malnutrition, non-attendance of school, the exploitation of children for economic purposes, the lack of freedom of expression, etc.

From theory to practice

Because we are Young Reporters, “we have to make a case for other children with decision-makers”, says 14 year-old Joël. He is passionate about journalism and took part in the training so that his dream could become a reality.

The Young Reporter and their trainer David (UNICEF DRC Ramazani)

David, our trainer and also a Young Reporter, insisted on the practical application of everything we had learned. “For the future, children should come first” was our slogan during the training session. This was the idea of the Head of the Gender, Family and Children Division: “we should not limit ourselves to the training only but rather use the training in the interest of all the children of the Haut-Uélé”.

At the end of the training, Anastasia, who is 16 years old, said on behalf of everyone that “we were proud of everything which we had learned and promised to do everything possible to apply the knowledge”.

A varied training session for the first generation of Young Reports of the town of Isiro!

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Enfants Reporters du Haut Uele

A la suite d’une formation de 4 jours à Isiro, la toute première génération d’Enfants Reporters du Haut Uélé vous présente leurs premières enquêtes.

After a 4 day training session in Isiro, the very first generation of Young Reporters present their first investigations.

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