Hand-washing during an epidemic

Sensibilisation sur le lavage des mains dans une école primaire de Beni

Hand-washing is one of the most efficient preventative measures in the fight against the Ebola virus. Since the start of the Ebola outbreak in Beni, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), UNICEF has set up hand-washing stations in the city schools.

In the Kanzulinzuli primary school, for example, from the moment the stations were set up, the practice of hand-washing has been respected by the students. “Our headmistress tells us every time to wash our hands” explains Jerson, one of the youngest students of the school. Sixth grader, Samuel, goes on to say “I wash my hands before entering school and also at home”. “I wash my hands to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus” concludes thirteen year old Laetitia.

Sensibilisation sur le lavage des mains à l’école primaire Kanzulinzuli de Beni (© UNICEF DRC Musangi)

“Thanks to the hand-washing kits we can protect our children against Ebola. They wash their hands before coming into class, before and after the toilet and even when they get home” explains the school headmistress. At the Kanzulinzuli primary school health classes are organised twice a week to discuss Ebola.

As a Young Reporter, I encourage the Kanzulinzuli primary school to keep on with this hand-washing practice and I call upon the other schools of the city to follow their example. By increasing the awareness of the students in a school, we can increase the awareness of all their community as they will talk about these good hygiene practices to those around them: family, neighbours, friends, etc.

More info about Ebola in DRC:

Kindly translated from French by Lorraine Valarino

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Aimée, 16 ans, est Enfant Reporter à Beni. Inquiète par l’épidémie d’Ebola qui ravage sa ville, elle plaide pour que tout le monde adopte les bonnes pratiques.

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