I used to be a Young Reporter and I am grateful for such a wonderful experience

Manassé was a Young Reporter until 2011. In this article, he looks back on this experience which he deems so precious that he became a supervisor for today’s generation of Young Reporters of Matadi, a town in Kongo Central province, western Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

My name is Manssé Tukemba Mayela and I was born in Kinshasa on February 2, 1992. I went to primary school in the DRC capital where I was born and attended secondary school (in Humanities and Literature) in the port town of Matadi from 2008 to 2011.

At school, my friends and I created a show in December 2008 called “OPINIONS OF CHILDREN” that focused primarily on the rights and duties of children. I hosted this show on Radio-Télé Matadi every Sunday from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

Thanks to the Provincial Division of Gender, Family and Children of Kongo Central (formally known as Bas-Congo), two school friends and I received training on child participation, dual reporting and how to advocate in front of authorities and decision-makers.

These training sessions made me a “Young Reporter from 2009 to 2011 while I attended secondary school.

I have good memories of my time as a Young Reporter, especially:

advocating for children many times in the city of Matadi and the Bas Congo province on different violated rights;
pushing province representatives and members of provincial parliament to vote on an edict to “Prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages in schools”;
participating in several reviews and workshops organized by the UNICEF office in Matadi and its partners for the development of the Strategic Document for Growth and Poverty Reduction (SDGPR) 1 and 2;
meeting many local, provincial and national authorities;
making many parents, children and communities aware of the different children’s rights violations and the violence inflicted on them.

Since 2012, I’ve been a supervisor for Young Reporters in Matadi.  As a supervisor, I help children carry out activities in their community such as advocacy and raising awareness…

I am also a member of the Children-Friendly Journalists Association (AJAE) in Kongo Central. AJAE mediatises the various activities of children and promotes their rights through radio and television broadcasts. We also publish pictures of the activities on the Association’s Facebook page.

This is all thanks to the Provincial Division of Gender, Family and Children through the actions of its partner, UNICEF, in Kongo Central.

I urge everyone to keep fighting to promote children’s rights and my motto is:

Let’s make children’s best interests our business.

Kindly translated from French by Gail Somers

Photo : © UNICEF DRC/2013/Adrien Majourel

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Manasse Tukemba

Manassé Tukemba était Enfant Reporter. Grâce à sa formation, il est devenu encadreur de la génération actuelle d'Enfants Reporters et fait également partie des membres de l'Association des Journalistes Amis des Enfants dans la Province du Kongo Central. L'Association médiatise les différentes activités des enfants et fait la promotion de leurs droits à travers des émissions radiodiffusées et télévisées. La devise de Manassé ? "Faisons de l’intérêt supérieur de l’enfant notre propre affaire."

Manassé Tukemba used to be a Young Reporter. Thanks to his training, he became a supervisor for today's generation of Young Reporters and he's also a member or the Children-Friendly Jornalists Association in Kongo Central province. The Association mediatises the various activities of children and promotes their rights through radio and television broadcasts. His motto? "Let's make children's best interests our business."

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