An investigation by the Young Reporters on water in Bunia

Since 1993, 22nd March has been dedicated to the celebration of World Water Day. This year, the Young Reporters, in partnership with the Ituri listeners club for children, have come together for the treatment, preservation and importance of water.

What is the problem in Bunia?

Drinkable water is a problem in Bunia. We often hear “REGIDESO doesn’t treat the water well and there isn’t enough drinkable water for everyone”.

We went to meet Mr Mukenge Bulambo, commercial manager of REGIDESO in Bunia. He acknowledged that there is a problem and told us that “REGIDESO was set up to respond to the needs of the people of Bunia during the colonial period. Now, with the current population of Bunia, it’s difficult to satisfy all of the consumers in the city”. According to Mr Bulambo, “REGIDESO, in collaboration with the government and other partners, wants to ensure that there is enough water for the entire population”.

Non-drinkable water is poison

On the occasion of World Water Day, we visited two school complexes in Bunia. Through theatre and lectures, we have shown nearly 500 primary school students how to treat water, how to store it and why it is important to drink drinkable water. Students and teachers were all happy to learn!

water in Bunia

Asumani, 12, is a 6th grade student who declared that he is “happy to learn how to treat and store water”. Raphael recited the signs that indicate the quality of drinkable water: “drinkable water should be colourless, flavourless and odourless”.

The directors need to continue to educate the students on the preservation and treatment of water. This reminder could be given during ‘health and environment’ classes. Let’s not forget that drinkable water is life but non-drinkable water is poison!

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An investigation by Seth and Gloris, Young Reporters from the Ituri Province

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