It’s great to have parents who ask my opinion!

I’m Samy. I’m ten years old and I’m in year five here at Nsango Magulu primary school, 22 km from the town of Kalemie. I’m one of 40 young reporters from North Katanga trained in August 2013. My family and I live in the Nsango Magulu displaced persons camp but we come from Bendera, a town about 100 km from here where there are many Pygmies like us.

Right after our training, my personal life changed in a big way. Now I know my rights and how to reclaim them when they are violated.

samy2As usual, my parents recently sent me to pick up a big sack of embers that I then had to go and sell instead of going to school. At the time I noticed one of my rights was being breeched by my parents. Among other things, the Convention of the Rights of a Child (CRC) forbids heavy work as well as the economic exploitation of children. I went to sell it for them anyway, but when I got back I explained to them that what they had just done was not in accordance with what the CRC says.

My parents were overwhelmed at hearing me tell them this and since September they have not done it again, right to this day. From now on, every time they want to make a decision that concerns me, they don’t ignore my opinion anymore. I can tell you I like that very much.

 Translated from swahili by Bienfait MWEMEDI (Réseau des Journalistes Amis de l’Enfant)

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Samy is 10 years old and he is 5th grade in Nsango Magulu Elementary school, 22 km from the town of Kalemie. He is one of the 40 youth reporters trained in the province of North Katanga in August 2013. He lives with his family in the camps for displaced perons of Nsango Magulu and is from Bendera.

Samy a 10 ans et il est en 5è année à l’école primaire Nsango Magulu, à 22 km de la ville de Kalemie. Il fait partie des 40 enfants reporters de la province du Nord Katanga formés en Août 2013. Il réside avec sa famille dans le camp de déplacés de Nsango Magulu, en provenance de Bendera.

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